MasterB in the East

Just in case your hearts have been wrung by thoughts of MasterB confined first in the car in his travel basket, then on das Boot, then back in the car again, I trust these pictures will offer reassurance.

Yogic Cat

Yogic Cat





In harness

In harness


18 thoughts on “MasterB in the East

    • He gets a lot of visual stimulus on das Boot, and every shore leave is an extended sniff fest, though he has a great desire to get close to the river or into the field that I curb.
      The cat harness was made for him by a very nice woman who asks you for the measurements and lets you choose a fabric. It has room for him to grow to the size of a sturdy tiger cub.

  1. I laughed out loud when I opened the email. Have you got cat toy in one hand and camera in the other? Clearly the model trusts your artistic direction and taste. But should he? After all, he is more than just a furry belly for the rest of us to ogle and fantasize about.

    • You are ogling my boy and fantasising about him? Maybe I should take the first picture down. Though I reckon it’s one that will score quite highly on the Uncle Bill Approval Scale.
      Most certainly I had a toy in one hand and a camera in the other. You see the result is bit blurred. MasterB does not do gravitas very well. His is an essentially innocent nature, devoid of cynicism. Much more than just a furry tummy.

      • Well yes of course, I’ve always thought of him as more than just a furry tummy. It was a completely hypothetical tummy crush – just asking on behalf of your other readers all of which I am sure have never ogled any cat’s furry tummy. Your photos certainly show him as he is – innocent, curious and often surprised at the world around him. He has retained that optimism of youth far longer than other kitties I know.

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