A Promise Honoured (Bench Series, July)

Earlier today I clicked over to Julia’s Place and saw a picture of a bench she had posted. It didn’t look very comfortable to me, but certainly seemed to fit the bill for a photo challenge set up by Jude for pictures of benches with unusual details.

I don’t join in with many challenges, but it so happened that yeserday I photographed a bench in Winchester, just outside the castle, which meets the criteria.

A Promise Honoured

A Promise Honoured

Information about the background to the project and the title can be found here.

“In a contemporary book on the work of the American Red Cross (1919) it had been noted that a Memorial in Winchester Cathedral had been planned and promised for the American soldiers. No memorial was installed and the present project is a way of addressing that omission.”

There is more information here. The bench was unveiled in June last year.

“Simon Smith’s brief was not to create a standard memorial, but something to represent those who had passed through the camp. The memorial sensitively shows the kit as if it has been left on the seat- but where is the soldier now?”


16 thoughts on “A Promise Honoured (Bench Series, July)

    • My cousin Russell, a sculptor whose site is listed on my blogroll, studied at the same university. He also does a great deal of community projects. I should ask him if it is a particular strength at Winchester.

    • It is isn’t it. Reading your comment reminded me why I don’t join with challenges regularly. They start to dictate the week in a way I don’t like.

      • I have to agree with you. I used to join in with several challenges until I realised that my posts were being driven by them and there was little room for what I wanted to post. So I have stepped back. The bench one came by popular requests 🙂

        • Thanks Jude. Oddly enough, I may have another entry for this month’s challenge. Generally, i find challenges tyrannical. And awards are even worse!

        • I have award free blogs for that reason, and since I put up the logo no-one has given me one so it works! If you have a bench you’d like to share then that’s great – I found I had so many bench images that I decided I’d post one a week this year to try and get them out of my system. Big fail. I still notice benches and still can’t resist taking photos of them! But the challenge will end! My obsession with them probably won’t 😉

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