What’s Yours is Mine

Those of you who live with pets will be familiar with the notion that your home, at times, seems to belong more to your animals than it does to you.

MasterB’s toys and bed take up space in the sitting room. His litter tray shares my bathroom. The kitchen floor houses his bowls, and his food fills cupboards.

I hope you noticed the word bed. He has a lovely bed. He even sleeps in it sometimes.

Yesterday afternoon, following several hours in the garden doing I know not what while I struggled with paperwork and tried to make figures tally, he really needed to stretch out and sleep.

Room for one

Room for one

I’m not sure he truly understands the concept of sharing.


17 thoughts on “What’s Yours is Mine

  1. Sharing? A word not known to a Ginger cat! Our house is the same and the cat Jakey that eats and sleeps here isn’t even our cat… He lives next door!! What are we like….?

    • Yes, and that is one of the joys of living with pets. They generally have a much healthier attitude to life and a better work life balance.

  2. The Z Cat claimed all the best sitting places in our house but she really wanted to be on my lap ALL the time. I think the family room couch and one of the chairs on the four seasons room were her favorites. MasterB cracks me up on the couch up there in your picture. Wish all cats could be so loved.

    • I had to give up doing challenges for the most part, well I haven’t been posting at all… but I just got so full of PROcrastination and hated being held to a schedule like I was back in school doing homework. I also hated to disappoint the person hosting the challenge or meme. When I was doing Barn Charm I actually had someone tell me they were getting tired of my barn pictures!

      • I know just what you mean. I feel that someone else is deciding how my week should be, so I join in with some challenges occasionally. I also feel I have to look at lots of other posts, and as my blog is essentially a diary, that takes up a huge amount of time I do not have.
        I never tired of your barn pictures! The cheek. The person didn’t have to look.

    • Cat eschewed laps until his teens. Then he had a sudden and total change of heart. He would follow me about meowing until I sat down. Then settle him of on my knee. I used to try to assemble everything I might need and have it in reach.

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