Close Up Combination Post

I can't say where the time has gone, but since arriving last Tuesday I have not had time to post. So this'll be a bit of a catch up while I try to recall what I have been doing. The weekly photo challenge is Close Up, so these photos are my contribution.

Today we had a bit of walk around Upperlands, a walk down memory lane both verbally and physically. At one point two swan families blocked our path, and we had to retreat in the face of the fluffed out wings and lowered heads of the males.

Yesterday I went up to Belfast on the bus and had lunch with Uncle Bill, his wife and their elder son, my cousin Alex. Lots of chat and lovely to meet Alex's dogs, two gentle giants who were rescued with their mother shortly after she had given birth to them in a wintry ditch.

Dogs are more than usually a theme of these hols, as Cousin's son and his wife, currently living in the granny annexe while they build a mansion up the road – the hot press is about the size of my bedroom – have a puppy, a miniature Schnauzer who is a complete thug, yet totally adorable. She sees Westie Boy as Play Partner in Chief. Pip also joins in, but he can get a bit cross, while WB should get some sort of award for puppy patience. Most of pictures show a complete blur, but that probably won't stop me from sharing them.

Plans to meet up with two friends have foundered, but the days are flying by and reports from home show a happy MasterB with a fond and indulgent cat sitter.




8 thoughts on “Close Up Combination Post

    • Thanks. Yes the days are flying. Currently perched on the edge of a kitchen chair with Fido (cat) taking most of the seat. No photos from the cat sitter today, hopefully more tomorrow. I am starting to really miss my boy.

        • I admit I have never Skyped. Fido is what I call the cat, but mostly he is called The Orange Cat. I thought he needed to man up, as when he was small he was meek and mild and Westie Boy bullied him. This post will show how things have changed,

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