Duvet Days and Cultural Craic

It's weather that tells you to curl up on a sofa with the papers or a book. Yesterday I *babysat* the puppy while everyone else attended a funeral. There were three funerals locally. Some wanted to show their faces and pay their respects at all of them.

Cousin lit a fire before she left. Yes it was that cold. Pip thought it was a great idea.

The two adult dogs, no doubt correctly reading the attitudes of the humans around them, also decided it was a day for little activity. A duvet day, Cousin called it.

The puppy, aka the Thuglet, was not on the same page. As Pip and Westie Boy snuggled into warm beds, she had just one idea on her mind; to make them play. She really didn't want to take no for an answer. Even when that no was uttered in increasingly impatient and irritated growls.

Westie Boy seemed to have decided he was played out. He has been her chief source of entertainment, and is up for a doggy award for kindness to the indefatigable pup, putting with being ragged, wrestled and chewed almost constantly.

She has raced around the garden after him, hung onto his ears and fur, barked when he has tried to take a break, even shoved a surprisingly meek Pip out of the way to get to her elected playmate.


Fortunately in the evening she was taken away to spend the night and today with her other human family and their dogs. Pip and Westie Boy have recuperated their energies and enthusiasm and tonight were ready once more to resume duties.

I was away for the afternoon in Armagh, attending an event at the John Hewitt Summer School. It was grey but dry. On the way home, it began to rain. Or rather we drove into rain. It seems it has been raining here most of the day.

Cousin's friend Ann, my accomplice in crime and chauffeur, nodded off during the lecture, quite an achievement given the not very comfortable chairs, but was sprightly enough to ask a question at the end. She bought a book of poems by Jane Clarke, of whom I had never heard, but when we go back on Wednesday, I may succumb.

Next year I think I should like to attend the whole summer school, writing classes and all. It sounds exhausting, but great fun.



6 thoughts on “Duvet Days and Cultural Craic

  1. Pip looks a lovely little chap but puppy power was clearly the order of the day there…sorry to hear the weather is so horrible …hope you have had your daily update from Master B. Enjoy the rest of your stay…

    • Pip has a number of issues. At the moment he is at the window growling out at the night. No update about MasterB today, but I have a host of pix.

  2. Perhaps it the beginning of theTwilight Bark? You must learn to Skype or FaceTime that Ginger Cat back home his lovely furry face might quieten down the ravening hounds you are staying with!?

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