Deborah (100 word challenge)

Many workplaces have a Deborah. Her currency is lies and innuendo. She’s a lunchtime gossip, a whisperer in corridors. She exploits minor jealousies and foments discontent. Hers is a realm built on divide and rule where her subjects eye each other with learned mistrust.

She’s not intelligent, but she’s sharp; quick to recognise opportunity. Her smiles are as false as her vaunted honesty. She targets her victims and coddles her favourites.

I worked with her for years. She could be amusing, with wit sharpened by spite and dipped in malice, but it made my tongue tingle with words self-preservation and cowardice forbade me from saying.


This is in response to Julia’s latest challenge. For information and more entries, click here.

Thanks Julia.




17 thoughts on “Deborah (100 word challenge)

    • I’m sure you wouldn’t Julia. Though the Deborahs of this world are pretty skilled at getting management on their side, especially when the managers also use divide and rule.

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