The Lovely Neighbour Joins the Blogosphere

Do you remember my Lovely Neighbour? The one MasterB loved. The one who grew plants on the landing and a cucumber on her bedroom window sill.

I was very sorry when she and her partner moved away a year ago.

Now she has moved again, having been made redundant and left questioning what work she might look for next.

Her partner, also made redundant, was offered work in Lincoln, so off they went.

And my Lovely Neighbour has also found work. She sounds happy and excited, liviving in a larger flat with lower rent in her new city. Acquiring a cat is on the cards. Just don’t tell MasterB.

But you can read how she is getting on and what she is up to for yourselves, for she has started a blog, The Hidden Beauty of imperfection.

So do please welcome her to the blogosphere.

Aeftheld, it’s lovely to see you here.

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