Return to the Ginger Ninja

Since I came home after my ten days in Northern Ireland MasterB has been both affectionate and demanding. The cat sitter played with him a great deal, and he is keen that I live up to her standards.

It's under here

It’s under here

Look, no paws

Look, no paws



He is quite exacting. And he has distinct ideas about the nature of the play he wants.

Champion string catcher

Champion string catcher

After days of hurtling after string, concertinaing the rug in pursuit of the feathered stick, this morning he turned his nose up at both those options.

Balls of all types – silver paper ones, round rubbery ones with soft spikes, wooly ones, ones made from old socks, bouncy ones – these were his toys of the moment. My task was to roll them for him to chase, throw them for him to swipe back to me, bounce them for him to catch.

It was a role not entirely compatible with making breakfast and getting myself ready to go to work.

However, I know my place. And I am glad to have a happy, healthy, energetic cat who enjoys interactive play, and selects me as his companion of choice. But sometimes even the Ginger Ninja needs to rest.

Tired now

Tired now


16 thoughts on “Return to the Ginger Ninja

  1. You’re lucky. If I’m gone for a few days my cats show up long enough to give me the hairy eyeball and ignore me for a bit.

    They’re a sensitive bunch 🙂

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