The Bears (100wcgu)

“Okay everyone, let’s get going. PC Plod, what have you got to report?”

“The girl’s in a safe house, Sir. She’s sleeping at the moment.”

“Good. Community Officer Big Ears, how about you?”

“The Bears are cruising the Lower East Side, Sir. They say the girl stole their porridge and they’ll have revenge.”


“A three course meal cooked by her in their cabin.”

“Can she cook?”

“No evidence of that, Sir.”

“Hmm. Yes Sergeant Ramsey, what do you have to say?”

“Leave it to me, Sir. She’ll be ready to open a restaurant when I’ve finished with her.”


This is my entry for Julia’s 100 word challenge for Grown Ups this week. The prompt is a photograph which you’ll see if you visit her site.


10 thoughts on “The Bears (100wcgu)

    • On and off today I have been tinkering in my head with a different version. Maybe I shall get it on paper and posted later. I think this one would have been better had I taken a little more time over it.

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