Supermum (100wcgu)

“Mum! Mu-u-u-um! Mum, come here!”

She runs up the stairs imagining injury, blood, broken bones.

He’s sitting on the rug in his room, red-cheeked, tearful.

There’s a new graze on his left knee, but nothing to warrant the race to A&E she’s anticipated.

“What is it? What’s the matter?”

“My Arsenal keyring; it’s gone.”

She breathes out; feels like a balloon deflating.

“Where did you have it last?”

“In my pocket. I’ve checked, it’s gone, but it was there just a moment ago, honestly.”

She kisses his hair, reaches into the sports bag beside him.

“Is this it?”

He beams; the world restored.

Again this is in response to a challenge set by Julia. I hope it’s not obvious what the challenge was. Maybe read my story first then pop over to her page to see the instructions and other entries too.

Cheers Julia.


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