A Wild Beast

MasterB had become a cat transformed. His inner sabre toothed tiger had emerged. He glared at me with pupil large round eyes and made threatening guttural sounds. I had a feeling that he might take matters further, so I spoke to him sternly, and took the toy away.

Honestly, it’s only a few feathers on the end of a fishing pole, but it sends him wild. This is a new one. The old one, much mended, is on das Boot, where it doesn’t generate anything like this level of excitement and aggression.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes

Why should it be that this gets him going so? When I take it away I have to hide it, or he finds it and hunts it again. Then I have to change the hiding place or he starts obsessing about a particular cupboard.

Ready to Pounce

Ready to Pounce

It is great for giving him a work out indoors. He will run and leap, grab and growl, take a short break and come back for more. When he captures it, he hauls it away to a corner, chews it and makes threatening sounds to discourage me from coming near.



It’s only a toy, I tell him as I see him becoming over-excited. But to him, you can see this is the real thing. He is reaching back to his ancestors, he is red in tooth and claw. A wild beast in a soft ginger coat.



“I’m putting it away now,” I say, “You need to calm down.” He looks at me almost unknowing.



Imagination is a wonderful thing.


20 thoughts on “A Wild Beast

    • I haven’t any gaffer tape here, but I think I’ll reinforce the attachment with some strong parcel tape. Funny how feather toys provoke such a reaction.

    • I am having a calendar headache Pat. I wanted to start putting it together, but iPhoto has changed to Photos and the new layouts for the calendars are very prescriptive. I want to keep to one photo per month, but these demand that most months are multiple photos. If I can’t get round it (and so far I have spent more than a day trying) I am not sure what I shall do.

        • It makes me cross that Apple changes things that work fine, ad that are flexible, and replaces them with complicated, inflexible alternatives.

        • I have an I-Pod and have run into this. It is a major problem whenever I get a new computer to move my music library in the I-Pod program without loosing all the music I downloaded from the discs I own.

  1. Love the last picture, Isobel. Z Cat was like that about her feather. We hid it in the coat closet and she would pull it out under the door. We had to find different places to hide it. She would always drag it out before she knew we were going to leave the house… made me feel terrible leaving her.. 🙂

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