Shiraz or No Shiraz?

Bake Off over, Go Nadiya! My she’s doing well. If I knew how to place bets, I might put a tenner on her each way. I think that’s a betting term.

Soup that I didn’t get ready in time cooking on the hob, glass of extremely nice South Australian Shiraz on the book table just out of reach. Angove Heavyweight for those of you who know about these things. Which would not include me.

Fitting it’s Australian, because that, as far as I can make out, is where Ocsober began. In fact, there seem an extraordinary number of months in Australia where my Antipodean cousins are encouraged to forswear the demon alcohol. I can’t imagine why.

Actually I can. I was working on Saturday with a group of Australians who were fresh in from the airport. We stopped for a short comfort break, and when I looked, two of them were sitting outside a bar with pints in their hands.

We’re only here for five minutes, I exclaimed.

We’re Australians, they answered, as if that explained everything. And perhaps it does.

But I have been thinking about A a lot. Coincidently, she also has relatives in Australia who have come over to London to be with her. It all seems to be tying up.

She’ll have gone home today. Not because she is well and ready to get into shape for the party season in a couple of months, but because she is expected to die any day now.

Just typing that makes me well up. We meet so many people in our lives. We forget so many – or is that just me? I struggle to remember the names of others I worked with alongside A.

I find it interesting when you move jobs who you stay in touch with and who you lose sight of almost immediately. It’s not always the people you expect. So often work friendships are because of work. It’s the ones that survive outside that count.

Now A’s husband, who I would guess is in his 80s, is not going to be able to care for her, so another guess is that Macmillan Nurses will be visiting.

And guess which charity is promoting Ocsober next month in the UK and asking people to get sponsors? Got it in one.

I’m not sure A would approve. She liked a glass or two of wine to go with an evening’s conversation. But I am definitely considering it.

So my question here would be, should I sign up for Go Sober in October, how many of you would sponsor me? Because, quite frankly, if I am going to deprive myself of nice Shiraz for thirty-one days, I’ll want to know Macmillan Cancer Care will benefit to more thatn any one off doantion I might make.

Time for soup.


6 thoughts on “Shiraz or No Shiraz?

  1. Will certainly sponsor you – 31 days is a long time. We’ll have to have a drink after poetry tomorrow as it will be Lata’s last evening (another Australian link), and you will need more Shiraz before the end of the month.

  2. What’s in your soup? I’m making carrot ginger tonight to be served cold tomorrow when we have yet another round of too warm weather. I’d sponsor you but I might have to smuggle in some California wine as compensation.

    • Mine was fridge soup – vegetables that were already in the fridge, including some rather tough outer cabbage leaves – with basil. It was very tasty. I had seconds and thirds as there didn’t seem much point leaving any.

    • Thanks Lyn. In the end I decided against. There didn’t seem too much interest in sponsoring me, and I suddenly remembered I am going to a big party this month! I may do it another time though, perhaps in the new year. I often give up alcohol for Lent.

      Are you interested in another calendar this year?

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