Bench Series: September

The challenge this month is to post a photograph of a metal bench. Actually the benches I’d like to photograph are in Westminster, and sit outside a house where Lord Reith, first DG of the BBC, used to live. But September is racing to a close, and the chances of me being in that part pf London, with a camera, in daylight, are slim.

So these are from the neighbouring London Borough of Camden, famous for its music venues and its market. These are from the market.

I prefer the black bench but you can see the details more clearly on the silver one, so I am posting both.





What you should see in the middle of each bench is a pair of horses heads in profile.

This part of Camden market is called The Stables. You’ll find a not very good sculpture of Amy Winehouse close to these benches.

In the past The Stables Market was the site of an equine hospital maintained by Pickford’s, a transport firm still going, which used horses to pull barges along the Regent’s Canal. Those horses injured in the course of their work were treated here.

Et voilΓ !

12 thoughts on “Bench Series: September

  1. The Stable Markets are so very interesting, I have seen quite a few photographs from there, but have to confess that on my one and only visit to Camden I didn’t see the horses! Thank you for sharing your benches πŸ™‚

  2. I like the silver one the best, but both are lovely. I have only once been to the stables market, a few years ago, but loved it. I’d thought it was a livery stables for hackney carriages. I’d no idea it was an equine hospital!

    • I am not a midnight fan of Camden market these days though when I worked in that part of London I used to enjoy it. It is so busy now, and self-consciously hip that I find myself rebelling against it. Wonderful setting of course.

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