Bench Series: September

The challenge this month is to post a photograph of a metal bench. Actually the benches I’d like to photograph are in Westminster, and sit outside a house where Lord Reith, first DG of the BBC, used to live. But September is racing to a close, and the chances of me being in that part pf London, with a camera, in daylight, are slim.

So these are from the neighbouring London Borough of Camden, famous for its music venues and its market. These are from the market.

I prefer the black bench but you can see the details more clearly on the silver one, so I am posting both.





What you should see in the middle of each bench is a pair of horses heads in profile.

This part of Camden market is called The Stables. You’ll find a not very good sculpture of Amy Winehouse close to these benches.

In the past The Stables Market was the site of an equine hospital maintained by Pickford’s, a transport firm still going, which used horses to pull barges along the Regent’s Canal. Those horses injured in the course of their work were treated here.

Et voilà!

12 thoughts on “Bench Series: September

  1. The Stable Markets are so very interesting, I have seen quite a few photographs from there, but have to confess that on my one and only visit to Camden I didn’t see the horses! Thank you for sharing your benches 🙂

  2. I like the silver one the best, but both are lovely. I have only once been to the stables market, a few years ago, but loved it. I’d thought it was a livery stables for hackney carriages. I’d no idea it was an equine hospital!

    • I am not a midnight fan of Camden market these days though when I worked in that part of London I used to enjoy it. It is so busy now, and self-consciously hip that I find myself rebelling against it. Wonderful setting of course.

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