The Ginger Ninja Calendar 2016

The Cover

The Cover

The Ginger Ninja Calendar 2016 is heading for the printers.

The price is the same as last year, just £8 plus £2.50 postage and packing for the UK, £7.75 airmail to the US, or £5.50 surface mail, £5.50 to Europe.

There will be a limited number available, so you need to place your order and and get payment to me to ensure that you secure one.

You can pay me via PayPal.


You can read some endorsements from happy customers last year by clicking here.


17 thoughts on “The Ginger Ninja Calendar 2016

  1. Three, I think, please. The better to spread the Ginger Message out here. I can PayPal you now and pick-up when we get there, or pay up in person in a few months.

        • If they are working on the kitchen when you come, I suspect MasterB will be hiding under the bed, so it may be you and me going for a walk instead.

        • Ohh, that would be very sad. I was really hoping to give him a cuddle. Let’s see… I might have to postpone anyway, so I’d be probably late enough to admire your new kitchen. I’m sure it will be beautiful and practical at the same time.

        • He is very cuddly. He is going to hate it I think; strangers in the flat; noise; the vacuum cleaner going every evening. I am hoping Rebecca may be around some of the time and that he can spend some time in their falt where they ahve a mouse. He settled very quickly with her last Tuesday.

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