I should be in bed. I should be asleep. It's late and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. But today I got the message I have been expecting; A has died. Maybe I shall give her full name later, but for tonight, just enjoy this poem by her, one I liked the moment she handed it to me to read sometime in the early 90s. My copy still has the creases where I folded it into eight.


I hope it gives you a flavour of her eye, of her humour.


you are like

punctuation in a field

your rounded backs

inverted commas

moving like a poem

each line

varying in length


only two cows long

now you are together

one black fullstop



Bless you A. I am glad I knew you and that you were my friend.

25 thoughts on “Cows

  1. How wonderful to know that her spirit touched you and will live on through your life. But it still hurts so much and leaves a hole in our lives.

  2. I’m so sorry, Isobel. Cherish the memories you have of your friend. She will live on in your heart through them. The poem is lovely.

    • Yes, that is a gift, and I am glad to bring her work to the attention of a slightly wider audience. If they keep being read, something of her remains alive.

  3. I love that poem. I’m so sorry to hear that your friend died on the same day that a great friend of mine died. I wasn’t expecting C to die so soon – her oncologist had just given her until Christmas – so I was very angry and upset but with the dawn of a beautiful morning this morning, I just felt glad that for her that the pain is over and she is at peace.

    • It’s wonderfully visual isn’t it? I am not sure about the inverted, but since reading it years ago, I have often seen distant black cows as commas.
      Sorry to hear about C, friends dying is never easy, and I suppose as we get older we have to experience it more and more, unless we are the ones who die. Not looking forward to my eighties…

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