Pomegranate Perfection

It’s pomegranate and fig season. Oh yum. I love pomegranates. I am eating one or two every day at the moment.

Some people don’t like pomegranates. They say eating them is too fiddly. Then it turns out they are removing each seed singly with the aid of a pin. You could die of starvation before you ate the whole fruit.

The pin thing was presumably invented by someone for whom gracious table manners were more important than enjoying food.

Pomegranates are made to be enjoyed. They are not fruits to eat in company.

They are certainly not fruits to be eaten with the aid of a pin.

Preciousness and pomegranates do not mix. Consider the name, well consider it in French: grenade, as in hand grenade. Certainly not delicate; definitely not polite.

Pomegranate on a plate

Pomegranate on a plate

Here’s how to do it:

1.Cut your pomegranate into quarters.
2.Remove such peel as lifts easily.
3.Wear a napkin or apron.
4.Lift the first quarter and eat the seeds.
5.Repeat with remaining quarters.
6.Wash face and hands.



7 thoughts on “Pomegranate Perfection

  1. My daughter lives in southern Texas where it is very, very hot in the summer. She is currently getting figs from a tree she planted last spring. She has them on yogurt every morning.

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