Kitchen Update

The big decision in the last few days has been to look for another fitter. I am sure Jatinder is excellent at his job, and installs a mean kitchen, but he gets nul points from me for his communication skills.

So I advertised on a site recommended by Octavia, and sent messages to Steve the Considerate Plumber and a builder he has spoken about before.

I got an answer very quickly to my ad, and the fitter came with his wife on Friday night to measure up. He listened, answered my questions, and nodded when I explained it is important to me that the fitter works with me, and consults me.

He sent me a price which seemed reasonable, but now things have stalled. I want a clear contract; a full quotation; everything in black and white; guarantees; payment schedule; no nasty surprises. English is not his first language, and producing the paperwork may be causing him problems.

But I am not despairing. Via Steve the Plumber’s builder friend Ricahrd, I have been put in contact with Rafal. He has said he would do the job, but probably not at the start of next month. He’ll conatct me in afew days to say when he’ll be free.

So all options still open.

With regard to the kitchen wall mounted cupboards, there is only one bit unsettled. From left to right it will be 2x500mm cupboards, the right hand one with a glazed door; bridging cupboard; then 900mm so far undecided, and 2x150mm wine racks.

I love the idea of the 900mm cupboard, but the door is one that lifts up rather than out, and I am not overkeen. On the other hand, I do like the idea of one very wide cupboard, so I am still hesitating. Alternatively I could have 2x450mm cupboards, but there would be a divider down the middle. A wide wide cupboard would offer more flexibility.

Ronnie the Planner sent me a picture of what the 300mm, then 600mm then 2xwineracks option would look like, and although they look balanced among themselves, they don’t like right with the 2x500mm cupboards on the left. (I shall understand if you have lost the plot, or indeed the will to live, by now). So maybe 600mm + 300mm +2xwineracks.

It might not be such a bad thing if I have to wait a while longer.


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Update

    • You would think so wouldn’t you? The contract is advised by the site through which I found the second fitter, so he was expecting it.
      But now there is a third fitter who comes very very highly recommended, but who is not currently free

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