October Days and A Favourite Pink Top

I think last week I may have said I would post a new picture of Aunt. Maybe I didn’t. Anyway, here she is wearing her favourite pink top.

Auntie Mary October 2015

Auntie Mary October 2015

I think this is the first time a photo of her has made me feel sad. The lights are still on; she’s still Aunt; but it’s all becoming too much for her. I hope I shall be able to post another photo of her, still smiling, maybe still wearing her favourite pink top; but I feel the sands are running through the glass rather faster than before.

I told her this time that she has her supporters worldwide, people who love her smile and are wishing her well. She took it in her stride.

Of course she did.


7 thoughts on “October Days and A Favourite Pink Top

  1. I see her and her smile makes me smile. I don’t see the part where it is becoming too much for her, although I am all too familiar with it because of my Mom’s fight with lung cancer. I love this pink top and I love seeing her smile. I think my heart will break when you post and tell us what I most fear to hear. Auntie Mary… I had an Aunt Mary. She was my Mom’s youngest sister and I loved her… she was so full of mischief and spirit. Love this picture Isobel, thanks so much for sharing… ♥

  2. Aunt has the most special smile, with a twinkle in her eye. The pink top and the cardigan with the embellished border suit her so well. Hold on to her while you can, Isobel.

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