D-Day for the Kitchen

Tomorrow is D-Day. Goodbye old and faithful kitchen, hello new and, I hope, trusty kitchen.


I haven`t seen the kitchen space looking anything like this for over twenty five years. It echos. Amazing. It almost looks nice.




I removed one of the wall cupboard doors, and I like the feeling of space it brings. I hope that is what the glazed door will do too.



Fingers crossed that Fitter Danny does a good job. I can trust Tony with the electrics, but Danny is not someone who has previously worked for me. I hope he turns up. Imagine if he doesn't.


All the stuff now crowding out the sitting room (how did it all fit in one small kitchen?) would presumably have to be put back until another fitter could be found.


Let's not go there. Danny will be here in the morning, eight thirty. MasterB will be with neighbours. I shall take him round at eight o'clock. He will pay for his peace and quiet by being on Mouse Duty. He 's been doing some mighty sniffing here, so I hope the removal of the kitchen cupboards is not going to reveal a rodent family in residence.


I have been sticking post it notes on my oven, fridge and hob, plus a couple of other things to remind Danny and his team, aka his brother, that they are staying. I know lots of people go for new everything when they have a new kitchen, but all my appliances work, the washing machine is relatively new, and I can't see why I should replace them. They were bought to last, good quality.


Still, when I said I was keeping them, there were raised eyebrows. Really? Yes, really. And I don't want a fan extractor.


Oh that fan extractor. It kept appearing. I don't know how many times I said I didn't want one. Apparently everyone gets one. But I have never felt the lack. I have a window that opens. Why would I want one?


Which brings me back to labels. I fear that they might be so inured to chucking out existing appliances, mine could end up in the skip anyway. So I shall be hovering at least for part of the day, to make sure that bit is understood.


And if any fan extractor is on the delivery van on Tuesday morning, it can go straight back to where it came from.


29 thoughts on “D-Day for the Kitchen

    • They were twenty minutes late. It was an anxious wait!
      MasterB’s food store is a sore point. He has enough for me to open my own catfood stall. I need to get a urine sample from him and see if he needs to remain on his special diet. If he does, I shall get rid of the other stuff.

      • I’m sure it will be fine. I remember a week of living off pan-less omlettes I cooked in a plug-in over in the box room.

        • I have no kitchen tonight and am not allowed to walk on the tiles, so although I intended to go out to eat, I have ended up with a sandwich and am drinking cider from the bottle…
          I love your reference to the box room; so Enid Blyton. The luxury of having a room just for boxes, imagine! I can tell you’re not part of the hoi polloi!

      • Well in my defence it is in a house I don’t own and it’s only called the box room as it’s the size of a box. Used to be my bedroom.

        • Ah I used to sleep in one like that. No option about where to put the bed…
          You don’t have to defend yourself, just be grateful you live in a house with a spare room, however small it is.

  1. I do hope it’s all going smoothly.

    Don’t dismiss the extractor fan – you might not use it, but would it be an essential for anybody else? At least have the electrics put in place so it could be added easily in the future xxx

    • I have never felt the lack of a fan extractor. As you know the kitchen is separate from the other rooms, so it’s easy to close the door and open the window. My first priority is for a kitchen that I like and will use!

    • Oh dear how different from the home life of our own dear queen!! Sounds good I wish I was nearer I would be round! Hope that master B has returned home for the celebratory repast..?

  2. You sound good, Isobel! Brave woman with a sense of humor at the beginning of a redo! Our 6 month redo was crazy! Good luck, I know all will go well for you. I have no fan in my kitchen, I have a window above the sink and three windows on the east side of the kitchen. Fans in all of our bathrooms but in the main floor bathroom I have covered it with plastic because all it does is let heat and humidity in during summer, frigid cold air in the winter, and allows imposter ladybugs to visit NOW… window in the bathroom too!

    • “All our bathrooms”!!!
      I only have the one window, and indeed one bathroom for it to be in, and one window in the kitchen. The electrician told me he had recently done some work for a woman who had an extractor fan fitted five years ago, and who has never turned it on! All it does is take up room and gather dust and grease.

      • I seriously didn’t mean it like that… we have three bathrooms, one on each floor. We don’t use the one in the finished basement and we never go down there. All I need is the enclosed porch, a kitchen, and 1 bathroom. Although I like not having to share a bathroom with CH… 😀 If home sales weren’t so bad in our area, we would be out of here and in a smaller home.

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