At the start of the week, MasterB being a day boy with the nice neighbours and therefore not stressed by the fitter and his team, my main concern was to do with meals; I can boil a kettle, at a push I could make toast, but that's about it. The kettle bit is important as I want my coffee first thing.


However, three days in, proper meals are low on my list, though thanks to Celia's generosity, they are achievable in her kitchen. It's dust that is driving me mad. I feel dirty all the time. I can feel it in a layer over my skin. It's in my hair. It's in the air. I have been fairly assiduously vacuuming the shared landing space, but not my own home. That changed tonight. Henry Hoover came out of the cupboard and went to work.

He's going to be working a lot over the next few weeks until my eyes stop feeling gritty, and ordinary household dust becomes the order of the day. I've left him in the middle of the kitchen floor as a bit of a hint.


When Danny came on Monday, one of the first things he and his brother Nico did was to lay a sticky clear covering over the hall carpet. Brilliant, I thought. That can stay until I get the kitchen stuff out of the sitting room.


Now I long for it to go. It feels horrid underfoot. Dust is caught in the creases. I put my slippers on in the hall and take them off when I go into the bedroom or the sitting room.


Apart from that, and the fact that Danny leaves the loo seat up, which I am finding more annoying than I would have thought possible, everything is going pretty well. I am beginning to see what the new kitchen will look like, and, thank goodness, I like it. I am intrigued to see how the tiny space between wine rack and wall will be painted; my fake wood surface looks great; the fridge, which was out on the landing, is back in its normal place, so if I want a drink of water in the night, as I invariably do, I don't have to leave the flat. I still don't have a sink, though I understand the washing machine is plumbed in. The hob and the oven should be reconnected by the end of Friday. And the wall tiles, I think, will be up by tomorrow afternoon.


But it's the floor I have fallen in love with. When I post pictures, which I'll do soon, if you don't like it, don't tell me. I think it's gorgeous.


12 thoughts on “Dust

  1. I know what it’s like, Isobel. The dust gets everywhere and it seems as though you’ll never get rid of it. But you do, and your new kitchen will soon be fully installed, and you’ll be clean and happy again.

    • I think maybe the worst of the dust creation is over, so it should gradually improve. But all the books are going to have to come off the shelves and be cleaned before normal air quality is restored. And I can’t see myself doing that immediately! Too many books for one thing. 🙂

  2. oh god, I remember it well! and repeatedly. And there is some more to come as I’m having a door and architrave replaced in late November. Good luck with the dust clearance job, it will eventually improve! and it’s so nice when the work is done. I remember the joy of new bathrooms – never finally finished because the b*****d builder just didn’t do any of the snagging, but they are still lovely!

  3. It’s worth the nightmare and the dust in your toothpaste and knicker drawer. We went through the same a few years ago, we also had to remove a section of exterior wall, so for some time there was only a tarpaulin between us and the January gales and snows. Not a pleasant time, but you’ll be thrilled when it’s done. Even more thrilled, I suspect, when the dust finally disappears in about 6 months time… Good luck!

  4. I feel the relief of your fridge already being back in its place… 😀 I so feel your thoughts on having workers in the house and things all discombobulated. Happy to hear you feel all is going pretty well. I am excited to see the floor! Have you mentioned the estimated completion date?

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