It’s the Little Things

It’s all over bar the snagging. And I am very pleased with it.

It seems a long way from that first discussion with the planner. I didn’t have clear ideas of what I wanted then. It took a while for things to come together; the combination of colours in the doors, the walls and the floor.

Aesthetically it’s pleasing. I love some of the details; the new powerpoints with their USB options; the shiny knobs on the doors and drawers; the hidden LED lights under the cupboards.

I like the buttery creaminess of the wall tiles; the seascapes I see in the floor tiles. I have loved watching MasterB exploring at the end of each day; dancing over setting tiles where I was not allowed to tread; climbing through half assembled units. He lives here too; this is our home, and it is nice to see him taking an interest.

I do feel quite proud of myself. No, I didn’t make it. There is nothing in it that my hand devised. But these are my choices, the result of hours in tile shops and looking at pictures of door handles and knobs, of afternoons in showrooms, of calculations with a tape measure, of bus and train journeys to places distant from my home.

For some reason I can’t import the pictures. Maybe that’s a blessing. You can imagine your own small but perfectly formed kitchen space. Octavia and Celia have both given it the thumbs up, as has Nathan, one of the electricians, who declared it *beautiful*. I sent Ronnie the Planner a photo and he loved the wall tiles.

Maybe they were all just being polite.

I don’t care. I love it. This is where I shall be cooking my meals, putting away my plates, measuring MasterB’s biscuits.

It’s my kitchen.


22 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

    • It is also relief that the worst is over! Seriously, I have wanted a new kitchen for some time. I was going to do it five years ago, then Mother was ill, an illness that began her spiral of descent that led to the nursing home and her death in 2013. Kitchens took a very back seat.And it’s only writing this to you that has made me realise how often I referenced her in my decisions.

  1. It’s lovely to hear you’re so delighted with your new kitchen, Isobel. Maybe you’ll be able to post a photo soon for us to admire.

    • Thanks Lyn. At the moment the surfaces are covered with *stuff* that I am slowly transferring from the sitting room. I am hoping to have the will power that not everything will go back in. I know you are a champion declutterer, but that is not my forte!

  2. Of course they were being polite. And honest. We know you have a good eye.

    After much travel both work and family am now getting focused on the visit to London. Almost want to ask about the weather knowing in advance the answer.

    • Good to know you will be this side of the pond soon. Actually the weather is unseasonably mild in London. It was nippy when the wind blew yesterday, but I still don’t have the heating on other than the towel rail in the bathroom, and am sleeping with the windows open. That may change before you get here of course, and I suspect we shall have some drizzly rain ver the next couple of weeks.

    • I am quite daunted by the task of getting everything sorted and out of the boxes and bags that still take up most of the sitting room floor space. I spent so long feeling guilty that I had not sorted out the kitchen. Every time I went into it I felt reproved.

  3. Wishing you all the best with your new kitchen. The Greeks have a greeting when someone has acquired or built something new. It is “Kaloriziko” which means good roots! So good roots to your new kitchen Isobel!xx

    • I found three scratches on my ceramic hob this evening that weren’t there before. Not happy, but I shall try the silver polish trick tomorrow and see if it helps.

      • Hob Brite cream and Ceramic Hob accessory pack which has a blade like scraper from Lakeland is what we use for minor scratches and burnt on marks if that helps Isobel…

        • They are scratches which look as though they have been made with a fine blade, deeper than ones caused by something trapped under a pan. I used my Hob Brite to give the hob a good clean yesterday evening and that is when I realised the scratches were there. There was also a strange smear which I could see but not feel. Fortunately some energetic cleaning got rid of that.

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