Dishing the Dirt

I don’t know what I expected. Certainly, a dishwasher wasn’t my top priority when I began to think about a new kitchen. Maybe the novelty will wear off, but at the moment I am loving it. Super clean glass jars; MasterB’s Catcher cleaner than it has been since I bought it; gleaming saucepan lids; the rotation of plates, mugs, glasses; the full size cafetière that I hardly ever use these days is living in the dishwasher in the hope that the ingrained coffee stains will lessen and it can be passed onto a charity shop.

Celia came round to help and advise me the first time I used the dishwasher. She was completely au fait with the vocabulary which had left me adrift. I had been to the shop and bought the tablets, the freshener and the rinse aid. How to use them was a mystery.

According to the instruction manual, I needed to set the level of the water hardness before the first wash. London is an area of very hard water. But although I followed the instructions to the letter, I got no nearer setting the machine to deal with hard water. If you work for AEG, do get in touch.

There’s a programme that lasts just 30 minutes, which is pretty handy. It washes and rinses, but doesn’t dry. However, after a few minutes the remaining water has evaporated and minimal tea towel action is required.

I’ve even learned to call it a dishwasher and not a washing up machine. This might be Love.


21 thoughts on “Dishing the Dirt

    • And how enjoyable. I have always valued the ruminative time that accompanies washing up and gazing out into the garden, so never really wanted a dishwasher. How easily I have been converted. 🙂

    • I am still at the stage (only three washes in) where emptying it is exciting (I have a quiet life). It’s loading it I find harder. Steve from Outward Hounds said a dishwasher was a game changer. I think he’s right.

  1. Couldn’t do without mine have had it for 13years, especially as John uses every pot, pan and dish in the kitchen. Enjoy!!!

      • Lol. I left my marriage of 32 years in 2009. As a renter I have only kitchen sinks now. Even if I could afford one, I don’t think my landlord would appreciate the installers messing with his plumbing and leaving a gap when I go. Ah, it’s alright. I’d still rather be where I am with no dishwasher than back in the marriage. I really understand why so many find it hard to walk away from long term marriages. Poverty is quite often what we walk into which was not my plan but after leaving I was struck into Ptsd and diagnosed with three chronic health conditions that prevent me working. The court ordered him to pay support but it’s very minimal, covers rent, insurance, phone and that’s it. Oh shoot so sorry I blogged on your blog! Glad you are enjoying your “washing up” machine 😊

  2. I love the idea of a washing up machine! I will never have one as long as my wonderful Nick is around. Washing up each morning is his favourite time so he tells me!

    • You still have to hand wha the pots and pans, anything made of wood, and I don’t put silver cutlery in it either. So you could have one. And Nick could also get his washing up fix!

  3. There was no dishwasher when we bought the Tiny Ten. We put one in. I would miss it if we didn’t have it. I used to mess around with the powder or liquid soap and the rinse aid but now just pop in a small Finish Powerball… a little plastic pouch that does it all. I am happy you are enjoying your “washing up machine”… I like that much better than dishwasher!

  4. I bought one about a year ago, the last one I had having exploded (not literally, but a loud bang heralded a complete loss of function) about 8 years ago. i think that one was faulty and would in fact have been covered under warranty had I had the sense to look up the warranty… a word to the wise; if it goes wrong (heaven forbid) check the warranty! But I adore the new one. And what’s more you can give yourself a gold star for ecologically sound behaviour – dishwashers use less water.

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