He doesn’t seem to have featured here much lately, though he’s obviously gracing the header.

By His Blanket

By His Blanket

I have been putting calendars into cellophane wrappers ready for dispatch. There are still a few available if anyone here would like to buy one. They cost £8, plus £2.50 p&p in the UK, £7.75 airmail or £5.50 surface to the US and North America, £5.50 to Europe. You can pay me via PayPal

Sunny Boy

Sunny Boy

Let me know as quickly as possible, and I’ll reserve on for you.

The Pinkest Nose of All

The Pinkest Nose of All



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      • The mobile I had from last visit should be working. If perchance not, I will resort to the other way. Looking forward to seeing you and dragging another tag-a-long to appreciate your work.

        BTW – I never noticed Master B’s face paint of dark ginger so much before, esp in pic #2. Quite striking. Both those 3 snaps confirm that the boy will never have that beau savage look.

        • Not sure I still have your number. I have changed phones a couple of times since your last visit and not all numbers copied over. You could email it to me.

  1. What a lovely ginger boy he is and it looks like he knows he is so handsome! Good to see him featured again after the dust and dishwashing posts…which were enjoyable but not as attractive as a ginger ninja! Thanks for your comment on my latest blog Isobel.

    • As you know, he has been on not just a special diet to control his tendency to develop masses of crystals I his urine, but also a reducing diet. All was going nicely, and I was admiring his waistline one week. Then a couple of weeks later, Celia made a remark about him looking overweight. I bridled, but looked at him again, and realised his waistline had vanished. As all his food is weighed, I suspect there is someone giving hime biscuits; he has a great weakness for biscuits. The last visit to the vet confirmed that having been falling steadily but slowly, his weight has now increased. Damn!

  2. Have you thought about using apple cider vinegar to control those crystals ? Charlie was prone to cystitis…which made both of us miserable. One night it was very bad, too late for the vets, looked online and found someone who said using it worked a treat within 8 hours. It really did work.

        • Yep. I actually give it to Chevvy every day in her food [because she will eat ANYTHING], but the cats are trickier. I am adding one drop a time over weeks to try to convince them it is not so bad. I have heard that you can put it in their water…like they will fall for that one. Putting it on their paw sounds good, but I want to keep trying with the food and see if it will work.

        • I may try putting some in his food to see if he’ll take it. Not sure I would yet risk stopping the special diet and relying on ACV tho’…

        • This is a good story to read: http://ecofriendlyfreckles.blogspot.co.nz/2010/04/awwconstipated-kitty.html
          To be honest, after that episode with Charlie I did a lot of reading and found a great vet who treats animals holistically. With her guidance I put all the fur babies on a raw food diet. Charlie has not had one attack of cystitis since. She thought it possibly came from eating biscuits, as cats do not drink very much. They are supposed to get 95% of their liquid requirements from their food [being carnivores], but they way pet food is these days [lots of dried food] is really bad for them, and apparently often causes cystitis in cats.

        • MasterB was on Applaws which is a wet food and high grade, also approved by BUAV and PETA, but as it is not a complete food he also had biscuits. He loves his biscuits. Now he is on 200g, or less if I can manage it of vet food, Royal Canin urinary control, plus 16g of biscuits. Someone else is evidently feeding him as his weight has increased, but that is another problem. I don’t like Royal Canin. I had a longish email correspondence with them about where the sources of themeat in their food. They kept saying it was meat that had come from animals that had been humanely killed (!) while I kept asking if it was meat from intensively reared animals.
          If MasterB could go back to Applaws and his 16g of biscuits, I should be very pleased.
          Cat used to have fresh coley, but our fishmonger has retired.

        • It is such a problem with cats…others feeding them either knowingly or not. I have that same problem around here a bit with people putting food out for their cats but leaving it outside day and night.

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