Of Friends, Visitors, Christmas and Time Passing

At first I thought they were leaves, but a nano second later realised I was looking at some rather fab fungi. Janh may be able to identify them, as she did the ones I snapped in Greece last year. I’m hoping so anyway.

Fungi, not leaves

Fungi, not leaves

I took that picture this morning, in the rain. Some people think it rains all the time here in London. It doesn’t. And usually when it does it’s like today, drizzly rather than lashing.

I am just back from a very enjoyable evening with Octavia, one of our frequent Sunday evening meals. The Grey Ninja was as beautiful as ever, and Octavia’s hall is newly painted a gorgeous pale olive green.

Last night I met up with Sophie Scott and her chap. We ate in a local Italian restaurant, and then repaired to the ice cream parlour for pudding. It’s been open for about eighteen months and I had never set foot in it. In summer, with the doors open, the smell of sugar caramelises the air on the pavement outside. The decor, black and Brighton rock pink, repulses me. But my hazelnut and pistachio ice cream was to die for. I may have to hold silver coins and crucifixes when I go by in future. Then we came back to the flat. Sophie was confident of a welcome from MasterB which he duly supplied before demanding Outside Time.

Lovely Neighbour Aeftheld dropped in on Friday night on a visit to London. She was worried MasterB might have forgotten her. She met me outside as I arrived home from work. When I unlocked the door, Himself came out, and all but ignoring me, let her know she was not only remembered, but that he was delighted to see her. Ahh.

She has her own cat now, a youngster of less than twelve months called Pippin. Although she wanted a MasterB calendar for next year, I reckon there will be Pippin calendars by 2017. Much to my delight, Aeftheld departed with varous toys MasterB has outgrown, cook books I have culled from my shelves, a rolling pin that was Mother’s that I hardly ever use, and that most essential of kitchen items, an egg coddler.

I was so pleased she wanted them, and that these things woud be going to a home where they would be used and appreciated.

Octavia had already received her first Christmas card. I haven’t written one, but I shall admit to enjoying the sight of the Christmas trees around London. It’s hard to believe that another year is almost at an end. I can remember back so many decades now. Am I really so old already?

11 thoughts on “Of Friends, Visitors, Christmas and Time Passing

  1. very cool fungi indeed.
    i know what you mean about so many decades. how is it possible? i was just posting about the trees growing outside the front door. i first lived on this property, although not this house, when i was four, and i remember those trees being tall then already.
    how is it possible to remember so many decades? and yet it is a gift to be able to do so – because it means you’ve had a good long life so far and lots more to look forward to – and that your memory is alive and well, too. always a good thing. have a great week! Timmy sends purrs.

    • I don’t think of myself as old, more that I have spent quite a while in my prime. But my hair is a dramatically different colour to twenty years ago, and I don’t like what I see in the mirror. It feels so strange to be able to remember people and events that now count as history. Though that’s a silly thing to say, because history is yesterday.

    • and actually, history is a moment ago 🙂
      and as for oldness – i think that is more an attitude rather than an age. some people seem to be born old. and others, well into their 80’s and 90’s are young at heart.
      i’m sure Master B is always happy to see you, as are your friends. and their opinion matters much more than your mirror’s 🙂

  2. hadn’t realised (or had forgotten) that the Grey Ninja was your name for Octavia’s cat – it suits her, although I’m not convinced she has the true cutting edge (vide behaviour with small mammals of the rodent type). Looking forward rather to seeing the beautiful green hall! Oh, and yes, ou sont les neiges d’antan, indeed. Have been working my way through my daughter’s paintings from age 1 to age 4. She’s 33… did I blink?

  3. Oh, and by the way, I’m looking for a cat after Xmas, so if you come across a young(ish) good mouser/ratter (preferably not a good birder, although that is virtually a contradiction in terms) I would be interested.

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