The Third Day of Christmas

Back to work this morning and I was amazed at how many people were about. Some neighbours are coming round shortly for drinks and nibbles, so the party season has not entirely given way to shopping in this locale. Let it last. The build up is long enough. The shops were heaving on Christmas Eve when I popped round to the largest of our local supermarkets to recycle some old batteries. I can only think the compulsion to head up to the West End and the Sales is born of habit rather than need.

I’ve had a rest from shops and the internet. It’s been really nice. I was offered a place at the dinner table on Christmas Day by some well meaning neighbours. I smilingly refused. I’d have been countimg the minutes. We’ve been in and out of each other’s houses, and I am uncomfortably aware that the cheese I am serving tonight falls a long way short of the cheddar I was given on Christmas Day morning when we sat in front of a log fire sipping bubbly. It’s a different set of neighbours tonight, so I am hoping they are less fastidious. The Prosecco should please at least.

The jigsaw is coming along. MasterB seems a bit confused by it, but he’s only walked across it, not lain down in the middle, so my tactic of fussing him hugely every time he comes near it seems to be staving off any Love Rival behaviour.



It’s not a scene I would have chosen had I been buying it. I am a bit picky about jigsaws. Works of art are my favourite. After all, they take ages, so I want something I enjoy peering at for hours on end.

As I am home so much, MasterB seems to have decided that it must be so I can play with him. He’s become my shadow, following me from room to room. I can only type this as he decided to go out. I have taken to hiding his current favourite toy, the feather on the fishing pole, in various places, but he is remarkably adept at finding it and marching into the room with it trailing from his mouth.

Play With Me

Play With Me

My thank-you notes are written, though not yet posted. There’s still some left over Christmas lunch in the fridge and I’m not working tomorrow. If I keep the lighting low you can hardly see the crumbs and cat fur on the carpet.

Have a great evening.


8 thoughts on “The Third Day of Christmas

  1. It’s funny how our cats and dogs respond to having the humans around a bit more; they’re aware of the extra time. Like you, I used the Christmas break to take a break from the internet (and the news as much as possible). A refreshing recharge on multiple levels, and like Master B, the dogs were pleased with the extra attention.

    • I had visitors last night who played with MasterB all evening. I am a big disappointment to him today, especially as I got offered work this morning and accepted it, so was out until six o’clock. Tomorrow it’s more work, and on Wednesday, but I should be at home during the day on New Year’s Eve. Not sure I’ll be able to resist getting the vacuum cleaner out though!

  2. The jigsaw is coming along well I am sure you will soon have it finished! Enjoy your cheese and wine tonight…love the Master B shot…that feather looks great fun for a ginger lad!

    • Tonight he has fought the feather on the jigsaw. Every visitor I have had has managed to stand on it. It looks somewhat the worse for wear!
      It is a great toy and his current favourite.

  3. Obviously MasterB noticed it was an “exclusive” puzzle and being a Cat for the Masses didn’t bother to take its notice.
    We spent two nights with teenage kitties for whom the greatest challenge to surmount each night was a small Christmas tree. They removed several baubles, flossed their teeth with the fake boughs and pounced on the real ones surrounding the tiny tree decorated in a Holstein cow theme.

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