A Ticket to Aunt

How are you today? I asked.

Weak, said Aunt. I never thought I’d feel this way; just raising my arm wears me out.

So we talked about changing priorities; about how the main goal is for her to stay at home and for the first time she seemed to welcome the idea of carers.

I promised to call the Specialist Nurse tomorrow to see what we could do.

Thank-you, said Aunt.

What she doesn’t know is that I shall be with her on Tuesday. I have a ticket for the coach tomorrow evening. I probably shan’t see her immediately when I arrive. Her energy levels are so low, I am loathe to call on her in the evening and keep her from sleep.

For all she doesn’t fear death, I feel Aunt would prefer to choose life. From now to the end, we need to ensure she receives those small services which keep her comfortable and preserve her dignity.

My respect for her grows and grows.


12 thoughts on “A Ticket to Aunt

    • I think she may be. She seemed today to feel she could not cope and to understand she needs people helping her to maintain her independence so she can stay at home, that is the priority, and swallowing her pride and accepting that help is the hurdle she now faces.
      I can’t help but be proud of her. And I am far more emotional about this sudden decline than I should have anticipated. She is going to die, and it is probably going to very soon. That’s hatd to take.

    • I think it’s more that she acknowledges having help is the only way she will be able to remain at home. Being positive about it may come, but until she meets the carers and likes them, it is causing a fair amount f anxiety.

  1. I’m glad you are able to go and see her. Being away is difficult. I hope you can persuade her to have a carer, it will make so much difference. Where is she, Isobel? I’ve missed that bit somewhere along the line.

  2. Good luck with your visit to Aunt, Isobel. It will, hopefully, ease the burden on you and Linda if Aunt will accept caters, knowing that that decision will enable her to stay in her own home. No matter how much we prepare for a loved one’s death, it is always a shock when it happens and we each have to find our own way of dealing with it. My heart is with you n

    • Linda really needs this support. She cannot go on giving Aunt so much time without it. She is very stressed, and her family’s patience will run out.the carers, whoever they are, will need to understand that they must liaise with Linda and listen to her. She knows Aunt so well.

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