37 thoughts on “Auntie Mary, 6th April 1923 – 14th January 2016

  1. Dear Isobel, I am so very, very sorry for your loss of your dear Auntie Mary. My heart is with you, as are my thoughts and prayers. I will light a candle for her, and for you, too. She was so loved, and will always be loved, as you keep her and your mum and your loving and precious memories of them close to you always.

  2. I can’t help but smile when I see your photos of Auntie Mary, Isobel… her smile makes me smile. If there is a heaven, they better be prepared for a very determined woman with a delightful smile and and a delightful personality. I love what jfb57 says… ๐Ÿ™‚ So thankful she was able to pass in peace and at home. Thinking of you, Isobel… hugs.

    • If you can find a place where we meet on the family tree you could attend her funeral; she has quite amazingly left money to cover travel and accommodation expenses for family travelling from Ireland.

  3. Dear Isobel I’m sorry to hear your sad news, she was amazing, as are you – a very special niece. I will miss hearing about her. Big hugs to you, I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Just heading back into London on a dark coach. I think there will be more posts about her, just as there have been about Mother. You can’t live your whole life in the shadow of strong women like these and escape their influence because of a little thing like death! Aunt will be with me to the end of my days.

    • Thanks, just heading into the City. I shall get off at Liverpool Street and hope for an early bus. I shall go back next week. May post about her tomorrow.

  4. So sorry, Isobel, and so happy it could go that way, the way both of you wished. My own computer does not work anymore, my husband borrows me the computer of his work, after work, but I don’t have my “favourites” on it, but I regularly checked on you and your aunt. It went so quickly. I am so glad you were there, so many old people die alone. So many things to think of…


    • Aunt had a number of very close friends, a wider circle of people who respected and admired her. Living in sheltered housing and being an active member of her church she was someone people knew and cared about. I think the church will be very full at her funeral.

  5. After your visit last week, this week’s events have come as a surprise. I hope you are OK Isobel, and am happy for your Aunt that it wasn’t a long drawn out end. I wish you both peace. She is in some august company this week!

    • Both a surprise and not a surprise. I am very glad for her sake that once she had to rely completely on others her death came quickly. She repeatedly said she did not want to linger.
      Today I feel as though the stuffing has been taken out of me. Everything is an effort. It is a normal reaction I know and probably best to go with it as much as possible, but it feels very self indulgent.

  6. Of course you are in my thoughts.

    And I don’t want my thoughts to get all saccharin in the whole “circle of life” but I became a Great Aunt today.

    Makes one think that when we are poised in the moment of grief – and I think all of us who read your writings are in a bit of grief over the passing of Mary – we forget the world charging along without any consideration of our feelings.

    I suppose now begins some heavy lifting with all the bits that have to be attended to. I wish I could help you with that.

  7. RIP Auntie Mary.

    What a beautiful lady with a wonderful smile. My sympathies, Isobel but she ended her life how she wished so thanks to you and others who did the best for her.

  8. am so sorry for your loss, but happy to know that Aunt had her last wish fulfilled, and that she was able to be in the familiar comfort of her own home. and good to know that God kept his promise to her, and was with her the entire journey….
    what a beautiful photo tribute – lovely to see her enjoying her tea. thanks for sharing.

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