Windows in Heaven

Lovely Linda sent me a link to a song on YouTube that she thought might bring me comfort.

It didn’t. It was a rather syrupy ballad of the type that makes my skin crawl. The lyrics were over sentimental, and to my mind, downright creepy. Check them out for yourselves if you can face it. The song is called Windows in Heaven and is sung by Michael English. I’d never heard of him, but if you like Daniel O’Donnell, as Mother and thousands of others quite unaccountably did and do, you’ll probably like this chap too.

I think Linda thought I’d like it as it has references to Mary, the BVM one presumes rather than my aunt, looking down at us from the aforementioned windows.

Instead it gave me the somewhat unsavoury image of the dead being involved in some mass surveillance scheme of the living on behalf of the Almighty, and, if things in heaven are in any way like here below, and according to the song there are windows so the inference is there, it could even have been outsourced to a private company, or the afterlife’s equivalent of GCHQ. A sort of celestial 1984.

Can you imagine the disappointment, having lived a good Christian life, to find you were expected to spend eternity, by definition a very long time, spying on the living? That would be very far from my idea of heaven, though I suppose there might be a section of those addicted to twiching net curtains in life who would regard it as ambrosial. If I ever get there, which is doubtful for any number of reasons, I am hoping it is a lot more paradisiacal than that. I imagine a large number of the dear departed checking the heavenly small print quite carefully if faced with the above scenario.

So no thank-you to windows in heaven, either the song, or the concept. I hope Aunt is now reunited with her siblings, her close friends, those she loved who died before her. I hope it’s a joyful reunion in a joyful place where she will be until the end of time with a light heart and surrounded by love.

The song I nominate for remembering those who I have loved is Days by the Kinks. It’s been recorded by a number of people, and I was listening to the Kirsty MacColl version on the coach home on Thursday night. She’s another I can’t think would welcome an afterlife spent watching those of us still alive as we continue to mess things up.


18 thoughts on “Windows in Heaven

    • Thanks Lorely. I have been out and about yesterday and today with Celia. Walking, talking, listening, looking. Healing stuff with a very good friend.
      You take care too.

  1. Oh Isobel I didn’t expect you to make me laugh when I started reading, but you have bless you.
    Your description of Lovely Linda’s song will make sure I run a mile if there’s any danger of hearing it. Days though is wonderful.

  2. Days yes very fine song indeed…so pleased to hear that you have had a good couple of days, walking and talking with your friend…sounds like a good idea after the week you have had…hope Master B is well too?

    • Very good walking and talking. It helps to clear the head and bring pleasure at a time when my emotions are seesawing.
      MasterB is very well and very vocal.

  3. what a strange idea – doesn’t sound like any heaven i’ve ever heard about. one thing i have heard is that in heaven, people rest from all their labours. so i guess spying isn’t on the agenda after all.
    in any case i had not heard of Michael English, so i googled him and lasted a few seconds 🙂
    bless you…

  4. Isobel, THANK you for reminding me of “Days”. For me it has to be The Kinks. I believe we may have a similar hope for the afterlife. I like to think that those who have pre-deceased us, in whatever form they continue (if they continue at all), are fully occupied with whatever it is they do. They have the occasional snippet of attention to devote our affairs and the ability to intervene, rarely, in tiny ways that make a huge difference to us.

  5. A very nice song. I had not heard this song I don’t believe. I will have to listen to the Kinks’ version. Nice to see a blog post from you, Isobel and happy you have Celia to walk and talk with as you work through the healing.

    • Yes, Celia has been more than good, especially as she has a new granddughter and is spending half of each week in Wales, so she has very limited time here in London.
      Enjoy the Kinks. Do you know Waterloo Sunset?

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