Willing for Willow

A bit of progress today, conversations with the undertaker, the church minister and the solicitor. Now at last I have some idea of what I am expected to do under the terms of Aunt’s will and funeral plans.

So first up, a decision about the coffin. I think it’ll be willow, or wicker. The sort with the rounded end. With spring flowers, preferably native to these islands and in shades of pink and mauve. So first snag. It’s winter, not many flowers around. Or at least there ought not to be but as it was so mild before Christmas there are some. I am wondering about hyacinths. But if you have suggestions, do step forward now.

In the meantime:

Suffragette colours

Suffragette colours

Sunshine mauve

Sunshine mauve


9 thoughts on “Willing for Willow

  1. Sounds a good choice… but flowers…not easy, hyacinths definitely should be available, perhaps iris to keep the colour theme and early white narcissi maybe? Love the photos of cat and MasterB in yesterday’s post…who couldn’t love ginger cats like them, I’m sure auntie spoilt them both something rotten!

    • White narcissi? Lovely idea. Thanks.I am also thinking tulips. Auntie Mary loved cats, and I loved the way my cats became family cats. Pets are undervalued.

  2. Lovely purples there in your pictures. The flowers, the basketwear; remember that funerals are about the living not the dead. Aunt Mary is pleased with whatever you choose. Its those other folk you need to worry about.

    • Bizarrely I photographed my mother’s coffin and her flowers. They are photos I look at much, but I checked them out and they were great, so I may ask for something similar. I have been warned that willow/wicker coffins can creak, so we may return to wood.

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