A Poorly Leg

I think MasterB has a slight limp. Or maybe he hasn’t.

He was involved in some fisticuffs today and came home with tufts of fur that had been pulled from their roots sticking out from his coat. I removed them and checked him over. No mewing when I touched him, though later I found a scratch close to his eye which has now been bathed.

He took himself off to a drawer under my bed and slept for hours. Then when I went out he transferred to his bed in the sitting room and slept some more. I only realised he had relocated because I heard him snoring.

If he has a limp, it’s a slight one on his front left leg, and I hope it betokens nothing more than stiffness from bruising. He has used both paws to get his biscuits from the Catcher, so it doesn’t seem to be bothering him much.

However, having asked to out, he changed his mind halfway down the stairs and is now sleeping again on the chair.

I shall be watching him carefully in the morning. A trip to the vet may be on the cards.

Poor boy.


16 thoughts on “A Poorly Leg

  1. Oh dear poor old Master B, unfortunately cats will be cats and feline punch ups can end up with the parties feeling a bit bruised and achey…lets hope the sleep will cure it as it so often does. Give him an extra treat or two tonight and do let all his fans know how he is soon…

    • I understand males are more prone to fight, and Cat thought a day without a fight was a day wasted. MasterB is not much of a fighter, though he is becoming more territorial and I wonder of this fight was with a pretty young ginger and White who sometimes has the temerity to come into the garden or within fifty yards of it.
      My friend’s cat Pippin, in her younger years, fought anything and everything. So I guess it depends how strongly they feel about their territory.

  2. Poor Master B. hope he’s fine. You might like to know that I may be in the process of being adopted by a cat. It’s visited once before, telling me it was homeless and hungry, but I didn’t feed it that time, because I’m not sure if it belongs to someone else but it (she, I think) was wandering around yowling desperately yesterday and it was bitterly cold, so gave her a small meal. Probably redundant but hey…

    • It might be a good idea to buy a pale collar and write your tel number on it then put it on the cat asking any owner to call you. The next step is to find out if she is microchipped and then to see if her description matches that of any missing cats. It’s good she has found a warm friendly place with you until her future can be established. Keep us posted!

  3. If only they thought about these things before such (mis)adventures. But part of what makes our furry companions great is that they live in the moment. Hopefully a quick recovery without the vet visit….

    • Cat definitely thoight about them. If ever there was a cat with a plan, he was it. He anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed his daily fights.

      MasterB is a different cat altogether. He very much lives in the moment and thee is not an ounce of guile in him. He is also a pretty dreadful fighter, by which he is not good at it, and up to now has not shown much aggression to other cats, so I hope this is not the start of a new phase in his life.

  4. Hope MasterB is feeling all better. Great advice for Allegra Carlton about the collar, I wish I would have thought of that a few weeks back, I believe next time I am out I will buy a couple of collars. We have three strays hanging around and it is cold and snowy here. Too cold to be out in this weather. Hope MasterB got his tummy rub… 🙂

    • MasterB has got his bounce back. He gets lots of tummy rubs 🙂

      I have used the collar method to try to establish if a cat has a home. It’s not 100% foolproof, but does give an indication. I always use quick release collars so Odysseus managed to lose his pretty quickly!

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