Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Once upon a time I used to join in with all the weekly photo challenges. Now I tend to suddenly remember them just as they end. I know some people, including regular readers of this blog count themselves as ‘late’ if they wait even a day to put up a linked post.



Broken Pillar #12

Broken Pillar #12

Last Friday, Celia and walked around the City of London. It was a therapeutic walk. My aunt had died the previous day, and I believe walking is good for the soul. Certainly my soul felt easier at the end of our perambulations.

There was more therapy in the shape of my camera, in the sculptures and buildings we looked at, in the blue skies. They were good reminders that there is always cause for optimism, even at our saddest moments.

So having not posted a single photograph in months for the weekly photo challenges, I am going overboard and posting a whole bunch at once for this week’s challenge.

The theme of the photo challenge this week is Optimistic.

Lloyd's of London

Lloyd’s of London



Days of Judgement

Days of Judgement

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

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  3. It is Friday so I am possibly asking a silly question, Day of Judgement: does that Bronze Cast person have Cartoon Fingers (4) or is he missing a digit? I’m getting more determination than optimism from the pictures but that may be where I am these days.

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    • Maybe it’s cyclical!

      I am not so keen on the tyranny of routines. Though I do liek the way the title of a challenge may make me think what a picture signifies to me.

  5. I used to love the photo challenges and then I didn’t… don’t know what happened. Now I hardly ever pick up my camera. I enjoyed these photos Isobel and your IG account is outstanding!

    • It’s funny isn’t it? I have so enjoyed going out with my ‘big’ camera. Celia and I had another walk today. I’ve not looked at the pics yet, but maybe I’ll post a couple in a few minutes before I get MasterB in and head for bed.
      Thanks for the IG endorsement!

  6. i too find that walks are good for the soul, and so is the process of capturing photo images outdoors, and at times indoors as well. there is something about finding something beautiful or thought-provoking and then attempting to capture the moment that is simply therapeutic. thanks for sharing.

    • Walking is very therapeutic for me. There is a point where your body finds its rhythm and your troubles fall away. I also agree about taking pictures. Growing up we had dogs, and dogs are wonderful companions on walks.

  7. You’re right about the effects of a good walk. And it yielded some fine photos to boot. I loved what you said about the photo challenges as well; I tried doing some a few years back, and I was always rushed/late. I love seeing what other people do, though.

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