Ginger Wailer

I have tried to learn from last night and I have stopped work clearing Aunt's many many effects to spend the evening with MasterB. I can't say it's going terribly well; he did play with the dangly toy for a few minutes, but he declined to come with me to the laundry to check on the nth load of washing I have put in the machine since arriving early yesterday afternoon. Right now he is curled up asleep on Aunt's chair having spent large parts of the day on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Aah, you might be thinking. Aargh, is what I am thinking. Baulked of play and attention last night, he decided the day should begin at four in the morning. Have I mentioned he can be very vocal? This was a rising crescendo of wails.


He had a special dispensation to be here while Aunt was ill. Quite what his status is now I don't know, but I am pretty sure complaints from residents in flats neighbouring the guest room would revoke those rights if they still stand.


Which is why his brattishness was rewarded by a long walk around the building with me, barefoot and pyjamaed, bleary eyed and reluctant in his bouncy wake. But even that didn't serve, and by half past five, I was desperate. I took him to Aunt's flat, which is on the second floor whereas the guest room is on the ground floor, and where the windows command a good view if the local terrain.


Outside, yesterday evening, he in his harness, me in a jumper, we had watched a fox running silently by the river some twenty yards from where we stood.


He was happy enough to be in the flat, so I left. A couple of wails, so I returned, but he didn't want to come with me, so I left him there and went back to a deep and undisturbed sleep.


So, now I am trying to decide whether to leave him up here on his own when I go to bed and hope and pray he doesn't cry in the night.


Decisions, decisions…



8 thoughts on “Ginger Wailer

    • When I opened the door of the flat he walked back to the sitting room. I left him there, very comfy on the chair. He has however been very talkative this morning. Still, I got a much better night’s sleep.

  1. Ginger should have been one of the singers for Bob back in the day. His expression in those pictures is priceless Cat Attitude. How long are you and he in for?

    • Apparently their sense if smell is so acute he will know how long it is since she was here, but he is quite happy in the flat and has discovered the airing cupboard, as have I, though for different reasons. 🙂

    • He was facing away from the window. I guess he just felt it was a place he could be safe and undisturbed. I need to go to bed, but he has woken up, so some play, then I shall leave home here again. It may be cheating, but I need my sleep!

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