Of An Auction (Ad)Venture, Decluttering, and a Damned Good Party

Back in the Smoke, and recovering from the full-on flat clearing. I’ll go back in a week to resume it, though heaven only knows if I’ll finish.

I brought back far more stuff than I’d expected. As I type, I am wearing an old cardigan of Aunt’s. It has a couple of moth holes, but is warm and sloppy, and a pretty shade of blue. Not everything is out of the car yet. My own maximalist flat seemed remarkably uncluttered after my few days at Aunt’s and the last thing I want to do here is replicate the scene I left behind. Her yoghurt maker, tempting but I don’t have the space, nor do I eat enough yoghurt, has gone to my chef neighbour. Other of her kitchen gadgets may well follow, though I am tempted by her microwave, only a couple of months old.

I have never had a microwave, never missed having one, but this seems an opportunity to find out if I would use one, or if it would be just another bit of clutter. I think I’ll go for it, and the pretty vase that I have been hanging onto can go to a new home and that corner can house the new acquisition.

I’ve brought home plates that belonged to Mother, some fleeces, the Nutri-Bullet I bought Aunt last year, various other presents I have given her over time. I seem to have been very keen to introduce gadgets into her life.

But my cupboards can’t accommodate these things and the things I have already. I took a bag to the cahrity shop yesterday, but I want to know if my own income can be augmented by selling any of my unwanted possessions. So today put up my first items for sale on eBay. Two matching Royal Worcester egg coddlers. There are only so many eggs one can coddle at a time, and these have been in a box wrapped in newspaper since the Great Kitchen Clear Out of last autumn. We’ll see if there is any interest. They are pretty, with a bird motif, but unless egg coddling suddenly comes back into fashion, I imagine there is a limited market.

The written tributes I have requested for inclusion in the funeral order of service continue to trickle in. I asked for brevity, and now realised I should have specified word count. Editing will be required.

Last night I was at a party where the live music was provided by The Bikini Beach Band who rocked our socks. I had never heard of them, but apparently they are well known on the pub and party circuit. If you get a chance to see them, take it. The video doesn’t do them justice. They were fab, and the party was the best I have been at in ages.

All a bit of a contrast to the views from outside Aunt’s home.

The River Lark

The River Lark


10 thoughts on “Of An Auction (Ad)Venture, Decluttering, and a Damned Good Party

  1. Hmm egg coddlers I had two as well I think they ended up at the blue cross animal charity shop! Good luck with selling off your excess stuff! Clearing out personal effects is never a happy time but after so many cupboards and drawers I got blasé when I last did it…8 wardrobes, 45 drawers and numerous hides holes!!! Also the charity shops I used began to know me on first name terms!!! Hope aunties is less than this? Also hope you and Master B didn’t get an ASBO served after the nocturnal howling incident! Glad to hear you enjoyed the party!

    • You would need to see the sheer quantity of stuff in Aunt’s flat to believe it. It is mind-boggling. There are at least twenty big bags of clothes all ready for the charity to collect, and we haven’t yet finished. I took a carrier bag of precsription meds to the chemist’s, various bags of things to the town charity shop. We haven’t started on her shoes yet…

  2. My heart sinks, reading your post. I am trying to de-clutter my own house (I love your term maximalist. Sadly it applies to me too) but the thought of suddenly having to do someone else’s too made me feel as if I’d swallowed lead. I always think it must be easier to get rid of someone else’s junk, but I’d be like you, wanting to give it to someone who would use it rather than throw it away!! Thank God for Charity Shops! I’m planning to go to a car boot sale with a friend when the weather cheers up – to SELL, not to buy. Have found this a very good way of getting rid of stuff for a bit of dosh in the past. Don’t think ebay is a great option in Ireland, and postage to UK prohibitive.

    • I quite fancy doing a boot sale, but not on my own. I shall have to try to find a local willing partner. I think it s easier getting rid of someone else’s stuff, but sometimes you have to be a bit imaginative about where it can go. The yoghurt maker still hjad the sachets it came with, and I think the charity shop would chuck those, so I asked my neighbour if he’d be interested ( I gave him a sweet little casserole dish of Mother’s that I never ever used) and he said yes. The charity shop was very pleased with the tin of sewing threads, needles, pins etc, and I am saving Aunt’s extensive hanky collection for a friend who does patchwork.
      How abour Preloved? I have used that in the past.

  3. Good luck with the decluttering, Isobel. Not an easy task for a maximalist. Loved the sound of the party. Will keep an eye out for The Bikini Beach Band.

  4. I agree with Gilly… a very pretty place to live. I am very good at keeping my own home decluttered but CH makes it a challenge. He is a saver. I would not and have not been good at going through another person’s home and possessions.

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