Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

An appropriate challenge, as I have been a little time away from my page, busy with funeral arrangements and other responsibilities.
This picture is at Waterloo Station in London this afternoon. I have long admired the clock and have several photos of it. Railway stations with their departure boards and trains arriving and leaving are places where people are very conscious of the time. In the bookshop the book cited in this challenge was being promoted.



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

  1. what a great take on the challenge. that is a very striking clock. i also like the composition and the mood, with escalators coming and going, and all the travellers and commuters going about their regular busy activities, yet frozen in time here.

    • Thanks Kris, It’s a station I have known forever, as when i was child if we came to london by train this is where we arrived. But it has cahnged so much! It used to look grimy and had a dark cold feel.

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  3. Stations are wonderful places and I see why you like this clock. I keep hearing about this book and just checked it on a certain website, but I’m going to resist adding anything to the pile!

    • It’s not on my longlist even. Like you, I haver far too many books piled up around my home that I want to read, and that hasn’t stopped me from borrowing more from the library!

    • I found that WordPress had unfollowed me from your blog, so i signed up again, but you don’t seem to be posting! Kings X has cahnged so much. I used to loathe it, now I am quite happy going there, and I love the new roof.

  4. The clock is definitely and eye-catcher. Your train stations look like our airports with escalators, busy with people, and the large size of the station. I have taken the train a couple of times here in Missouri and our train stations are very small. Of course, your train system is a much more used way of transportation than in our little state. Very interesting.

    • It’s a Victorian building which has seen any number of changes, 25 acres I believe. The escalators are part of the most recent refurb, creating a mezzanine, which allows one to get up close and personal to some of the stone carvings and be on a level with the clock. Here’s a a Wiki page to tell you more.

  5. Good photo – I love the bustle of these big stations. I was Kings Cross as a child too, coming into the dingy suburban platforms over to the side. I like that those now open straight onto the bright and light main concourse. And hurray for shops in stations – makes so much sense.

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