Sunshine Play Cat

MasterB bounced into his playcube and emerged with a sock toy.

Just a couple or three snaps.

This toy I think

This toy I think



String play; it never fails to please

String play; it never fails to please


12 thoughts on “Sunshine Play Cat

  1. Good Master B pictures…it just goes to show that you don’t need expensive cat toys to keep a cat amused…a sock and a piece of string are just the best playthings!

    • Absolutely. He finds things like pen caps and turns them into toys. When I first got him I tied a string to a belt loop on my jeans so that he would associate me with play. I may have succeeded too well!

    • He is so photogenic. Sometimes when I look at him I am amazed at how pretty he is. Most of the time I am looking more at what he is doing than what he looks like, so his good looks can still astonish me.

  2. So funny about cats and string! I still have most of Z Cat’s favorite things to play with and none of them were specifically cat toys. A huge rubber band, a leather shoe lace, a box that we cut holes in for her, and assorted lengths and textures of string. She did love her feather wand though… 🙂 MasterB looking very handsome in your pictures, Isobel!

    • Old crisp boxes are great too (though they don’t do much for the appearance of one’s home!). They have all sorts of bits you can press out to make entrances and exits. But he loves his play cube too.

    • The bouncy ball is another great favourite. He used to retrieve it, but now he waits for me to collect it and throw it again for him to chase.

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