Heaven Help Us

I really do not understand what on earth is going on. Why are we having this referendum? Heaven help us if the end vote is for out. Boris Johnson seems to believe the stories he made up when he was a journalist in Brussels. And yes, it is well known they were untrue, but that didn’t stop an audience who wanted to despise the EU from lapping them up.
Boris at the Elephant
I can’t understand why some of the same people who declared we were Better Together when it came to the referendum in Scotland, should somehow think we’d be better turning our backs on the rest of the EU to go it alone. I’ve left it too late to emigrate. It’s not long until I get my Freedom Pass, and the prospect of spending the last decades of my life in a country which defines itself by hostility to outsiders and deep suspicion of ‘foreigners’ despite being one of the most invaded and diverse places in the world does not bring a smile to my face.

Maybe London can declare unilateral independence, because I bet that in London the vote will be to stay. Though maybe BoJo will again exert his dodgy charm over voters who think he’s a ‘character’, ‘funny’, ‘different’ and irresponsibly put their X in the box for the side he supports without even thinking about the consequences.

Though for support, read side he thinks is going to help him become Prime Minister. Anyone who thinks Boris is not thinking first and foremost of his own ambitions, however much he clothes them in bumbly, tousled hair disguises, needs to think again. And look at the others on team Brexit: IDS, Gove, Farage, Galloway, Le Pen, Putin. Ugh.

And tonight the news suggests Donald Trump could be on his way to the White House.

Heaven help us all.


17 thoughts on “Heaven Help Us

    • It strikes me that is all just posturing, and the referendum was dreamt up as a general election campaign headline grabber, but now there is a very real possibility that we could leave the EU, and I fear there would be no way back. IDS thinks the EU breaches our security. I think it supports it. We need the EU more than it needs us. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

  1. I am torn. I am not represented by Gove, Farage, Galloway, and Boris who appear like a grotesque’s gallery of comic villains, but on the other hand there is massive corruption in the European parliaments which they are in no way trying to stamp out. Any vote for staying in will be taken as a seal of approval for anything they like for decades to come. Torn.

    • Thanks for commenting. I think you have to look at what the EU has achieved and can achieve. If you can point to any institution, including of course the Houses of Parliament, and not find corruption, please do! There was a fairly good article in the Guardian on Saturday by Timothy Garton Ash you might want to check out. I don’t agree with you that a vote to stay in will be to say that we think it’s perfect. Nothing is. And we can influence far more by staying in than running away. Look at why Putin and Le Pen want us to leave.
      Mind, you are young enough to leave the sinking ship and set up home somewhere else in the world. In your shoes I’d be tempted. The Netherlands seems an attractive, civilised place to live. Maybe just a teeny bit dull…

  2. Well said, Isobel.
    And the knock on if we leave the EU is that the UK will split, because Scotland will separate, in order to join the EU. There’s no way that we’ll be as influential in the world when we are the Disunited Kingdom.
    I don’t understand the drive for fragmentation.
    And no-one is talking about the 1.3 million Brits living in Continental Europe. The impact on them is bound to be negative. One of my brothers can’t even vote in the referendum because he’s lived in Germany, then France and now Belgium and hasn’t been resident in UK for more than ten years. This feels deeply unfair to me. He’s a British citizen who has benefitted from the EU free movement of labour but he’s not eligible to vote.

    • I think the mistake is to assume anything this government does is in the interest of fairness: viz bedroom tax, plans to subject social housing tenancies to reviews every two years, cuts to public services to make it easier to move toward privatisation. That said, Cameron wants us to remain and endorse his deal. My belief is this has turned into a much riskier business than he anticipated. Are EU nationals who are resident in the UK entitled to vote?

  3. I was going to say before I had finished your post that at least you do not have Donald Trump! But you do because his load of craziness will affect us all. He will NOT make it to the White House as president… I just can’t think that he will… I won’t think it.

  4. First (and a little late to the party) off, the news media and their endless search to make a story out of nothing is mostly to blame for our collective anxieties over the political future.
    Secondly, as a casual student of UK politics, I thought this was all about trying to nip UKIP and secure the Conservative base.
    Thirdly, Donald Trump is the eventual outcome of the political strategy cited in point 2.
    On the fourth hand, I recently read a post by someone who actually moved to Canada after the election of GW Bush only to discover, there is corruption in Vancouver! The notion that one can move away from the misery our supposedly democratic systems bring us is so much unicorn philosophy.
    But the student of international politics in me wonders what would happen…I don’t think a total break, more of an Association like Norway has. How would that change life for you, Ms. Everywoman of the UK? Better, worse or no difference at all?

    And now that I’ve lost the use of all of my many hands, how much is the electorate concerned with this? Especially those who really want out of the EU? Will they vote?

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