The Cat Ripper


Sitting pretty on the recycling bag yesterday

MasterB loves to go outside. He is fortunate in having a large garden at his disposal, but he doesn’t always stay in it. He’s probably wondering why I am hovering around even more when he goes out, and why I am lecturing him about the dangers of taking food, especially raw chicken, from anyone outside the home. Maybe he thinks I’m worried about salmonella.

If only.

A friend alerted me to the news that there is a cat strangler operating south of London. Croydon, which was part of Surrey when I was growing up but is now part of Greater London, seems to be where this particular operator hangs out.The cats are strangled, taken away, decapitated and their tails cut off. Later their bodies are returned to the area where they have been killed. Post mortem examinations of some of the mutilated cats, and there have been a fair few, reveal raw chicken in their stomachs, so it appears this is how the perpetrator lures the animals to their deaths. He (or maybe she) has been nicknamed the Cat Ripper by the local press.


As the link between violence towards animals and humans has been firmly established, these cat murders are fortunately being treated seriously by the police.

Today my anxieties went up a further few notches when I read that the same person, or someone with the same methods, has been killing cats in East Dulwich. Now that is not far away from me at all.

I am sure the person or people doing the killings need(s) help, and I do have to wonder what sort of state of mind he is in to do these things. I wouldn’t like to live in his head.

Not a nice place at all.


16 thoughts on “The Cat Ripper

    • As the days get longer and warmer he’ll be out more. Two days this week when it has been sunny and bright he has spent hours outside. I don’t want to curtail his freedoms.

  1. Cats: object of torture since the middle ages. While dogs are in for their share of abuse and neglect, the cat is a singular object of aggressive hatred. I think we know where this goes and one hopes the Cat Ripper doesn’t move on to women. I hope the person or persons involved – my guess is young and troubled – are identified and given some help along with incarceration.

    • Apparently the mutilated bodies of rabbits and foxes have also been recovered. Notices have gone up asking that if any mutilated remains are found to report them to the police. I am guessing that cats, being out and about and often friendly to humans are the easiet prey.

    • Keep your eyes peeled. We are advised to look out for people with bags loitering, and to take photos if we are suspicious, so long as it is not at personal risk, of both people and vehicles, making sure to get number plates.

      Mr Knuckles, who lives at your end of the square, is always out and about.

    • it’s horrid. watching over him, yes, but not all the time. He is out now, I am in. I did have a heart thumping moment earlier when he was out, I went out to hang out my washing and there was no sign of him. But by the time the second item of clothing was being pegged on the line there was a meowing and he appeared over the wall.

  2. couldn’t ‘like’ this post. how awful. those poor cats, and their persons. may this person or these persons be found out soon so that they cannot continue with this horrid, horrid stuff. and may MasterB be safe in the meantime.

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