State of Mind

I see that this week’s photo challenge is State of Mind, and that the person setting it has commented that the photos we take often reflect the state of mind we are in. I’d agree with that. I think we are often drawn to images in art galleries that speak to us in a very personal way, and it makes semse to me that I am similarly drawn to take pictures of things that either reflect where I am at the moment or which feed a particular need. But not always.

These pictures for instance were because I was alarmed by the funghi on the cherry tree. I ahve sent copies to the people who maintain the garden but so far not had a response. I’m hoping it’s harmless, but if you knwo anything about it, please laeve a comment.

So I probably shan’t be taking part in this week’s challenge.

My current state of mind is frustration.

I have inherited Aunt’s television. I think I mentioned this before. I have not inherited the instruction manual. I thought it would be straightforward enough to tune it in. It’s not. And I don’t understand why not. So annoying. I think I shall ask my nice neighbour downstairs who seems to understand these things if he can help. If not, it’s heading for a new home and I may actually spalsh out on a new TV. Thanks Aunt.

More positively, I have booked my flights to Australia. And back again. I am house watching for some neighbours who should just about be arriving in Melbourne now. They have been giving me lots of hints and tips and may meet up with my friend Vicki during their monthlong visit to relatives. In November the plan is that they will look after MasterB, and maybe stay in the flat while they have their bathroom remodelled. That would mean himself would have lots of company and attention, and they know not to let him out when the fireworks are expected to explode.

The longest flight I have taken was twelve hours. I am not good at flying. First I have to forget that I find the idea totally ridiculous and trust to the engineers and flight crew that I shall arrive in one piece. Then I am a fidget. The flight from London to Belfast is about the right length for me being under an hour, anything longer is more than a trial. I have booked aisle seats so I can wander about without having to climb over my fellow passnegers. Then there’s all that hanging about in airports beforehand, and the boredom of queueing for immigration and then standing at baggage reclaim when you arrive.

B and J have bought noise cancelling earphones, and despite the enormous cost, I think I shall follow suit, and much earlier than my holiday, so I can enjoy sleeping with the windows open without hearing the Young professionals who rent a few houses locally talking loudly in their gardens over several beers on summer nights.

I said thsi was the positive bit, but I sound resolutely negative. Blame the television. I really am looking forward to catching up wuth my friend, seeing realtions and learning about this amazing country. Honestly.


9 thoughts on “State of Mind

  1. I fly more than I want to and usually not for fun. I’ll send you some ideas. Aisle seats are an excellent first step. How long is the flight? From here it is a mere 14 hours non-stop to Australia . Morning flight or evening? And, I will mark on my calendar that should be we in London in November you will not be “at home”.

    • I also have paid for extra leg room and am already planning my inflight wardrobe! Two flights each way with a stopover in between to try to restore my humanity. Singapore airlines as I understand they give you lots of water and fruit juice to maintain hydration.
      Back for December. Hope to see you.

  2. I have read that funghi on trees is a sign of them not being healthy. We had funghi on one of sour giant old oaks and we kept taking off dead limbs and trying to keep it as long as we could. We finally had it taken down a year ago. It was almost hollow inside. It was clear that it was dying and I think there is nothing we could have done to save it. I don’t know about your cherry tree, it seems to still have buds. Our oak was dropping rather large limbs and we were worried about safety.
    How exciting about your trip! Headphones are great!

  3. I love long flights and everything to do with airports even the hanging around, I know I’m crazy! Have you looked online for tv set up instructions, most things can be found.

    • I have done and it’s not there. I found another model which looks similar but the television is not responding in the way the manual describes. I am guessing i have done something wrong in the set up, but for the life of me I can’t see what it is.

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