The Happy Housesitter

B&J, the people who are to look after MasterB when I am in Australia in November are in Australia now, so in a rather neat quid pro quo, MasterB and I are doing a bit of housesitting.  We’re not staying there, just keeping an eye on the place, spending some time there, watching the supersize television, and in MasterB’s case, exploring the house in detail. I don’t know quite where he has been as I haven’t followed him, but he has meowed at me through the banisters as though reproaching me for not bringing any toys, and has disappeared into the upper reaches of the house for stretches of time.

Quite at home

Quite at home

I think I could take quite happily to a larger home. I mistook the store cupboard door for the bathroom door at the weekend. That doesn’t mean a great deal though, because strangers to my flat quite often try to leave via the airing cupboard. On the other hand a smaller home is easier to heat. The temperatures are due to drop overnight, and my little flat does feel cosily warm tonight. I don’t know what I am doing wrong with the heating chez B&J but the sitting room radiators stay resolutely cold.

As he knows and likes B&J I imagine MasterB feels himself quite at home in their house with its familiar smells. His tail has been up, and he has been unabashedly curious about the environment. Having space, B&J obviously dodge the issue of throwing out newspapers and magazines they haven’t quite finished, or which contain articles they particularly rate and have them piled in neat stacks in the sitting room. I hope they aren’t in catalogued order as MasterB caused a bit of a landslide when he jumped on one such stack to gain a better view from the window.

Looking into the garden

Looking into the garden

At the moment the plan is that B&J will look after MasterB here, and have their bathroom done (remodelled is the right word I think) while I am away. That means MasterB will be in his home, and they can escape the dust and disruption while the owrk is being done. But it’s good to know that he would probably be fine to stay in their house. Maybe when I go to Ireland at some point in the summer, he could go to stay with them.

But tonight MasterB and I have come home earlier than intended because not only did I fail to take a toy, I failed to take catfood and my boy has eaten only sparingly today. He was very good, but obviously a bit distracted, and is now curled up happily on a chair in our sitting room, his tum fairly full.

I am unaccountably tired, so the moment this is posted I am off to clean my teeth and get into my pyjamas.

Sweet dreams all.


11 thoughts on “The Happy Housesitter

  1. Is it too early in the season to call both of those pix for the calendar? The later one shows a depth of maturity in the subject that I do not we’ve seen before.

    • Maybe. I need to put the calendar together earlier this year so that it can be printed and posted before I go to Australia. When do you think you’ll be over here?

  2. MasterB looks like the lord of the manor in the top photo. having someone to look after your furry friend while travelling is such a blessings, isn’t it?
    Timmy has been in the best of hands so far, for which i am grateful. however his most recent caregiver, who had said a final farewell to her cat over a year ago, has now adopted a new one from a shelter several weeks ago. so will have to see how it goes.
    your upcoming travels sound lovely!

    • Since the Cattery closed it has been a worry. I knew my cats were safe there and being well looked after and given lots of attention. Also the Cattery people were very knowledgeable about cats and kept a close eye on their health. They used the same vet as me too. In fact it as the vet who recommended them. But I am gradually finding people who will catsit, and in the case of B&J, rather like your erstwhile cat sitter, they – well J in particular – are cat lovers but don’t have one. Being able to sue my flat to escape the disruption of the builders means we are doing each other a favour.

    • Very much so. It makes me think he’d probably be fine in your flat too as he’d know your smell. He might have to come round to Charlie though!

  3. He certainly looks in his element in your neighbours home and pleased that you are happy for them to care for him whilst you are away. Perhaps he left his biscuit ball somewhere in their home? Hope you are feeling less tired today, oh don’t forget to get your TV fixed before they return!!!

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