Flight Potential

It is quite impressive how far the contents of a bowl of muesli can travel. This was not a controlled experiment, and I have no plans to repeat it, but do feel free to try it for yourselves. It is also quite a good way of getting a person out of bed, and the sheets into the machine.

Yesterday I was rather more tired than I felt I should be after  days of clean living and early nights. I suspected a head cold. Last night the living was again clean, though the night not so early, and when MasterB woke me with demands for his breakfast, I was aware of a tickle in my throat and the shadow of an ache across my eyebrows. But with no work to go to this morning, I thought a lie in with the unread bits of yesterday’s papers, and breakfast in bed, would be pleasant pampering and a nice idea.

It was not to be. How I managed to flip the cereal bowl so effectively is still something of a mystery, and as I said, the trajectory of its contents surprising if not scientific. But it necessitated a hasty changing of the bed linen, some wiping of the windows, the window frame and the window sill, and an immediate shower. I drank my coffee standing up.

Still, it’s an ill wind as they say, because as many cat owners will tell you, stripping the bed is something cats seem hard wired to enjoy. MasterB’s cup overflowed, after all it was only a couple of days since he assisted me in the same task. He rolled seductively on the exposed mattress; hid under the new sheet; posed on the folded pillow slips.

The day being sunny, the washing is on the line, I’m drinking lemon and ginger for my cold and not straying far from a box of paper handkerchiefs. I still haven’t caught up with everything in yesterday’s papers, so if I can manage not to throw anymore food around, I think I shall curl up on the sofa and restructure my day.

I’ll let you know if my spontaneous urge to test the flight potential of other household objects reoccurs.


9 thoughts on “Flight Potential

    • I felt well enough to out to the Southbank with Celia. We were persuaded to visit a photographic exhibition at the Oxo Tower called Of Things No Seen. It was fabulous.

  1. Looking to repeat the experiment, need to know if the spoon was involved in speeding the launch of the object muesli. Also, need to discount any subterfuge on the part of Agent B instigating a change of bedding for his own nefarious designs.

    • You are seriously planning to repeat this?!?!
      The spoon fell to the bed; MasterB (though I like Agent B so much his name may have to change online) was not in the room. I think it was one of those moments when my brain was not in tune with what I was doing. And I forgot I had the bowl in my hand.

      • Ah. Good to know about the spoon. In my previous experiments with the velocity of food ejected from bowls, spoons have be employed as an accelerator. Also must cross-index with these experiments undertaken whilst standing v. sitting. Much appreciate your data for our collection. Agent B is doing an excellent job.:-)

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