Anniversary Week

Two years ago yesterday, I broke my wrist.



My Aunt Kath, who died 28th January 2015, would have been one hundred on Tuesday.
Aunt Kath and Margaret

On Sunday it’ll be five years since Cat died.
aka Cat Showing Off His Feminine Side

It’s a week of anniversaries.


18 thoughts on “Anniversary Week

    • And sisterhood of titanium feet also! (Four-month anniversary coming up. Still have pain, although diminishing by the micron over time. How are you doing in that regard, after two years?)

      • Pretty good, almost complete range of movement; some odd pains recently, but am hoping that is down to the weather/too much writing/typing.

        Kepp doing the physio, it really helps.

        • I’m very glad to hear of your mostly improvement and I do hope the odd pains are just random flashes of neuro. For my part, I have had to resort to my own home-crafted physio, I regret but not really as I’m so much happier out of it. The therapist has transmogrified into a maniac; criticises me for asking for my records so I can apply for reimbursement. This is America, after all; you wonder where Trump comes from? we’ve lost our minds. As apparently you-all have too; see your “rant.”

        • Why shouldn’t you see your records? How odd.

          Cameron promised a referendum on the EU, presumably thinking it was safe bt he’d look good to the Euroscpetics and UKIP supporters for offering. Suddenly not so safe, and inner circle of senior Tories seeing opportunities to tread on each other. Very unedifying, and scary. How anyone can think we’d be better out of the EU than in it baffles me.

      • A point was made that titanium would not set off the alarms during airline security. Although the body scanner thing they have in US airports is always finding bits of metal in me pockets and socks. Hail to the ankle-member of the sisterhood as I am already an emeritus member there. Twinges and odd moments on both sites with pretty much 100% movement. Weather, just like our Aunties and Grannies have told us, makes the joints stiff. Cheers for the coming of Spring.

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