Remembering Cat

It’s still light here, BST having started today. We’ve had all the seasons; sun and blue skies; heavy showers of rain; rushing winds.

Tonight I’ll be lighting candles in my windows and drinking a toast to Cat who died five years and one week ago today. I shan’t go into how this started, but if you want to know how Pet Remembrance Day began, read this.

Here he is at Mother’s bungalow, sitting on the mini garden shed and surveying his country domain.

Freddy at Mum's on the shed

Freddy at Mum’s on the shed

Looking out at his country domain

Looking out at his country domain

In the first two years this annual remembrance and celebration of the gorgeous boy was a huge comfort. Despite having the lovely MasterB, I would still well up when I thought of Cat. I read an instagram entry the other day accompanying the photo of a recently deceased cat, and I really felt for the person who had posted.

Five years on, I can look back at him with affection, but it doesn’t hurt now. I wouldn’t wish him to come back to life. MasterB is my cat now, and I love him every much as I did Freddy. Both my cats have been with me through some tough times, and unwittingly have given me comfort and support. That counts.

Looking for some photos this afternoon brought pleasure, not pain. There are some photos I’d really like to find, and the negatives to make some more prints, so I’ll be dusting off the boxes, and working my way through them, reliving the memories.

Animals bring us such joy. They ask for so little – though remind me I said that when MasterB is demanding a game when I am trying to work. This morning I was working with some people visiting London from South Carolina. They are missing their three dogs dreadfully and they’ve only been here since Friday.

So if you’ve ever loved pets, your own or someone else’s, light a candle tonight, and drink a toast to their memories.

To Cat.


20 thoughts on “Remembering Cat

  1. Thanks for this – I’ve enjoyed my memories of all our cats, going back to Sooty when I was a child. Three together at one time – we thought Tabby was on her way out, and so kept a kitten after Clio had a second litter. Tabby wasn’t having any of that, and found a new lease of life. Our ginger was Marmaduke Orlando Napoloeon – he was a fine fellow, but all those names seem somewhat excessive. I’ve been wondering whether I had a favourite, but I don’t think I did. Perhaps Smudge, but maybe that’s just because he was the last. Here’s to all of them, for the joy and fun and companionship.

    • Thanks Celia. My candles are still burning, there’s still wine in my glass and MasterB has finally curled up and gone to sleep after some energetic indoor play, so I’ll drink to your cats too. MasterB has more names, but your ginger beats hm on syllables!

  2. What a lovely post! I am sorry I missed this. I have lost many a cat, dog, hamster, budgie and finch. I will light a candle tomorrow and raise a toast to them all. However there is one very special cat that I shall write a post about tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Freddie looks a lovely fellow…there is something very special about ginger cats isn’t there? It’s a nice idea to have a special day to remember our past furry companions…

    • He was a darling. A neighbour called him a story book cat. He loved people and hated other cats. I used to call him the Leslie Philips of the feline world.

  4. I checked in on this post quickly yesterday but couldn’t comment, we were with family for Easter. Sorry I missed it this year Isobel. I have never seen these pictures of Cat, he has the sweetest expression in the first picture. We did light a candle last night on the porch and had a small glass of wine… we saluted Cat as well as all of our pets and those that others have lost. We still miss all our kitties, horses, pups, birds and hamsters but it is Z Cat I miss the most.

    • I seem to have missed some of these comments. Freddy was blessed with very good looks and a an assertive personality. I must keep looking for the negatives of favourite photos, especially as one of those photos I have in frame is becoming sadly faded.
      It often strikes me that you can divide the human race into those who feel a connection with animals and those who see them as objects. I wonder if it something to do with our genes.

    • Thanks Steve. When I came home last night and MasterB went out, I watched the Vet on the Hill. The vet was in pieces as his beloved terrier had a spine injury. Fortunately surgery put her right, but professional detachment deserted him when her future was in the balance.

  5. i am sorry i missed this earlier. i have been having issues with my laptop the last couple of months. am happy to say that they have finally been resolved. a kind friend who is a master of computer repair spent a bit of time with it the other day and now it seems to be as good as new. am so grateful. so blogging will become a new reality once again – and soon. 🙂
    but am glad that i did bump into this post. Your Freddie was a handsome boy. i can relate to missing a cat that is no longer here. Squeeky, who was Timmy’s predecessor, had moved in with us on her own volition and she was as charming as she was beautiful – and as different from Timmy as day from night.
    this year i didn’t write a memorial post to beloved animals of my past because i was keeping blogging to a minimum, but am grateful for all the memories – and it’s true. the memories are happy ones now, and the current and residing tiger of the house has certainly helped to ease away any residual grief.
    so thank you for these moments here, and here’s to all our beloved furry friends who have enriched our lives in so many ways. thanks for sharing.

    • You may have noticed I have not been blogging so much recently. I think I need to recharge my blogging batteries which may mean reaching out and finding new blogs to read. The trouble is I feel a loyalty to bloggers I have been following for a while, and I don’t have time to read all their posts let alone new ones, so I am going to have to come to terms with that one.
      I love having the record here of when things happened, how I felt, and that is my biggest motivation. I am so pleased I wrote about Freddy and have those posts to remind me of particular times. I never thought a cat could be so important to me.

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    • Every year, in March, on the Sunday after the anniversary of Cat’s death, I and others light candles and remember the pets we have loved and lost. Join us in 2017. It’s both a sad and happy time; telling stories and celebrating that special bond between human and pet.

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