And It’s Goodnight From Him

Sad news tonight that Ronnie Corbett, a comedic giant of small stature has died. Four Candles, with Ronnie Barker, is probably one of their best known and best loved sketches from The Two Ronnies.

As one of the people paying tributes tonight said, he was the first stand up comedian, and he sat down. So here’s one of his monologues.

RIP Ronnie. You’ll be missed.


2 thoughts on “And It’s Goodnight From Him

  1. Thanks for the clips. Two Ronnies would show up at late hours on our local public television. Did not appreciate his standing the Britain until I first visited. Does it seem like assorted celebrities are passing along at a rather astounding rate this Spring?

    • Re your question, I think that’s just a sign of our age, that people who we saw as jsut a few steps a ehad of us are dying,m so their deaths have a greater impact on us.

      The Two Ronnies was a great show. Did you get Porridge and Sorry too?

      Ronnie Corbett seemed age proof. I thought he’d last well beyond a century and be popping up on chat shows and doing cameo appearances for years to come.

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