Confused by a Comment

After posting yesterday, I noticed I had a comment waiting for approval. I looked and was left somewhat confused.

This is what it says:

that is the way things still carry on in the countryside and its why we dont like city dwellers x they will never understand salx sooner or later you run out of friends and neighbours

It is in reply to a comment made on this post about the cruelty of some people towards animals.

I don’t agree with the opinion expressed by the writer, but that’s not why I haven’t approved the comment. After all, you can see it in its entirety here. It’s that I don’t understand the last part of the comment.

Why should you run out of friends and neighbours? What am I missing?

I admit salx completely baffled me until I noticed that the person leaving the comment was calling herself Sally, but then that left me even more baffled by the x. She’s sending a kiss?

Fortunately many people in the country do not accept casual cruelty to animals as acceptable. Maybe Sal needs to get out more.

23 thoughts on “Confused by a Comment

      • No way of telling. If you have the x habit, you probably use it with everyone.

        I don’t condone Sal’s view but I think many people living in the farming community, or closer to them, have a much less sentimental view of animals, and where an animal doesn’t have “value”, it may not be long for this earth. If you would wring the neck of a chicken that stopped laying, or shoot a fox who ate the chickens, where is the difference about drowning a kitten if you have more than enough mousers? Neutering absolutely is the answer but spending money (you maybe don’t even have) on “worthless” animals may not be a priority.

        In a city it may be easier to just dump the unwanted grown up animals in a shelter where somebody else could end up killing them, albeit humanely, if they can’t find a home in time. I don’t think that’s much less unpleasant 😦

        • True. I have been known to put a couple of xxs at the end of a message to someone I barely know, and it can be very inappropriate.
          My experience of the countryside apart from growing up there, is that people are more and more likely to neuter cats, and farmers keep neutered feral colonies to control rodents. I don’t think it’s a sentimental attitude to animals to treat them humanely, and nor is it confined to town dwellers who as you rightly point out can be equally callous to animals and traet them as commodities to be abandoned or passed on when they are no longer wanted.
          I do think the problem is exacerbated by the increasing number of people telying on the private rental sector where often landlords forbid pets. If the rent increases and people have to move, animals are increasingly becoming homeless.

          I so agree with you

        • I have friends who rent out properties in a small country village and they won’t allow pets. I don’t understand them; they have a cat of their own.

        • I suppose it could depend on whether the properties are furnished or unfurnished. Animals can be destructive (and smelly). I remember considering a short term contract and how I could rent with the cats. I thought there should be a pet ownership reference used.

    • Except my audience is shrinking now I don’t post so ofetn and rant more frequently!
      Do you really think she’s a troll? To approbe or not, that is the question…

  1. Classic troll; that missive was probably fired from under a countryside bridge. I always welcome opposing viewpoints, but when they arrive they rarely–if ever–contain thoughtfulness. They end up like this; base, confrontational garbage.

  2. Have to tell you that the comment was not made by me! I am a rather romantic vegetarian who is living in the countryside where everyone else thinks of their goats ,sheep and cows as a source of income (usually entailing slaughter!). The Greek Easter is coming up soon and that means little lambs on the spit everywhere. Time to go for a trip up the mountain!!!

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