The Fifth Anniversary

30th April 2011

30th April 2011

It’s five years tonight since I brought MasterB home from Brighton. His previous owners had called him Facebook, and although they loved him, their care of him had not included flea prevention, with the result that he was alive with them. Never have I seen so many fleas in my life. Here’s how I acquired him.

That first night, he was confined to the bathroom with its hard floors, and that remained his domain for two days by which time the fleas were history. He got his first real taste of his new life when he came with me to Mother’s and began to learn about The Great Outdoors. Tonight he is curled up on a chair, the established cat not only of my home, but also of this block of flats. He is safe, he is loved, he is healthy.

Some of you will remember that when I got him, I didn’t really want him. Well that changed pretty quickly. I tell him he is worth more than gold. I hope he feels the same about me, although I think if it were toss up between me and biscuits, he might be torn.

28th August 2011, Baby Face

28th August 2011, Baby Face

I’m off out in a minute or two to join some neighbours at the pub. I think I’ll propose a toast to my boy; a sweet polite cat, who I am very lucky to have.


14 thoughts on “The Fifth Anniversary

  1. oh, happy Anniversary! i love these kinds of stories – Timmy wasn’t the cat of my dreams when i first heard about him, too. i was looking for a girl cat, one that was a few years younger than him. and a ginger and white cat? the furthest thing from my mind.
    and yet, Timmy adopted us within a few days of our adopting him. I am sure MasterB adores you too. at this point in his tenure, Timmy still prefers snuggles and scratches under the chin to meals and treats, but it’s only been 3 years. will see how his allegiance stays or shifts over time 🙂
    in any case, am so happy that MasterB has a home with you where he feels safe, respected, cared for and loved. all cats should have it so good. Congratulations to both of you 🙂

    • Yes, when I get home, unless he is desperate to get outside, MasterB wants my attention and is very demonstrative. Food comes later. I couldn’t wish for a better cat. He is very sweet tempered and makes it clear he likes my company.
      Octavia adopted the Grey Ninja when as a young kitten she developed issues that her owners couldn’t face. So she wasn’t Octavia’s chosen cat, but they have a great bond, and it’s obvious the Grey Ninja loves Octavia to bits, as indeed Octavia loves her.

    • Do you think he looks grown up there? Looking at the pix now he seems such a baby! As long as he is now, but a leggy adolescent. And such a baby face!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am so happy you found him. He has more than a home with you, he has love and respect, what I wish for every cat. Every cat should be so lucky, it is what they deserve. Love the header picture on das Boot and the pictures in this post, he is a sweetheart.

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