Victoria Wood

I just watched a programme about Victoria Wood that was first shown a few years ago. Unlike Ronnie Corbett who died recently, it is obvious that there was no obit ready to pull off the shelf for Victoria Wood. Here are some clips from her comedy writing (and she could write serious drama equally well), and one of her most famous songs, to remind us how lucky we are to live in an age where media made it possible for so many of us to enjoy her wit, her warmth, her intelligent observation.

5 thoughts on “Victoria Wood

  1. Yes it’s been a sad year with so many celebrity deaths at such young ages hasn’t it? She has left a great comedic legacy and will be much remembered…

  2. I enjoyed this introduction to Victoria Wood. Last clip cracked me up! I noticed in credits that Julie Walters was listed. I have liked her since Educating Rita. The waitress clip was a hoot!

    • Glad you enjoyed her. There is lots on YouTube. Victoria wood and Julie Walters met in 1978, became close friends and worked together often after that. Victoria wood often wrote with Julie Walters in mind. Their first TV show together was Wood and Walters, the later Julie Walters was a regualr on Victoria Wood, As Seen on TV. Celia Imrie and Duncan Preston who are the two in the waitress sketch, were also regulars. If you have seen the Best marigold Hotel films, Celia Imrie is in those.
      Victoria Wood was peerless.

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