Winceyette Days

Two thirds of the way through April, and I have turned the bathroom heated towel rail on again. I’m back in my winter pyjamas, and another W, wooly jumpers are helping to keep me warm. The rough winds that shake the darling buds of May are making themselves felt now too, but the sun has not yet got its strength up, so those winds feel pretty chilly.

Curling bark

Curling bark

Maybe it was warmer back in 1616 when William Shakespeare breathed his last. This summer promises to be even more of a Bill Fest than usual, with the Blessèd Bard getting enormous amounts of exposure. Will Power, as the RSC used to say its advertisements. I haven’t yet looked at the Globe’s programme, but if I don’t get my skates on soon, there’ll be no tickets left.


If it is going to remain this chilly, I may rethink my bolt to das Boot next weekend. But equally, I am tugged by the desire to see what the goslings are doing, if the grebes are nest-building, how the lambs are growing. I’d like to go and visit Aunt’s grave; walk some of the country lanes; know that my ‘phone connection may well fail.
Ewe and lambs

Ewe and lambs

Geese and goslings

Geese and goslings


5 thoughts on “Winceyette Days

  1. lovely images. that bark looks brilliant – and it’s actually perfect for the current photo challenge, abstract. but that aside, it’s taken a cooler turn here as well. it was 28 ºC (82+ ºF) the other day, and perfect for sitting outside, today there is a brisk wind blowing, and it is 13 ºC (just over 55 ºF) today. Brrr, that’s what it feels like now.
    but then it’s April – the month which seems to frequently waffle with the weather… and yes, good old Bill! i still remember some lines from Macbeth that i had to memorize in high school, lines that i have actually used to try out the accoustics in ancient theatres in Greece and Turkey, with my travel companions often being the only audience 🙂
    anyhow, i am sure the weather will warm up soon enough. hope you can take out das Boot soon. your travel destinations sound lovely. in the meantime, i hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Grebes! I think you mentioned – Earred? Eared? The ones with feathers that look like Ears? Or Crested? My calendar had a picture today of Crested and those are some good looking birds at the right time of the year.

    Practical question: How late in the season does the Globe do outdoor performances and if this is the season of the Will, will it be impossible to get tickets just in case one might be in town say in October? We are just spinning thoughts at the moment.

    As always, lovely photos. Thanks.

    • I’ll have to consult the book. They look like they have ears. According to the E a person who I follow on twitter, the otters are out and about on the river at 5am, so even if I do brave the chill and head boatwards I doubt if I shall see them.

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