Spring Unsprung

It’s pelting down. There has been lightning and almost simultaneous thunder. MasterB is hiding under a chair. We are experiencing all the seasons at the moment.

Spring is unsprung.

Yesterday it snowed.

It wasn’t for long and it didn’t settle, but still it made me remember 1979 when Margaret Thatcher was elected. I came home from Italy via France to vote against her. The first time I was able to vote in a national election. My vote was symbolic. She got in. But I have always felt the snow was an omen. It’s going to take a long time for this country to recover from Thatcherism, and the road is not linear.

Next week we have elections for the post of Mayor of London. Yesterday’s snow may well be an omen that we need to think carefully about who we elect. Tonight I went through the handy leaflet outlining the options. There are disturbing number of xenophobes standing for office in this most diverse of cities. The ones who say they are championing Christianity and opposing immigration make me wonder if they have any acquaintance with the gospels at all.

On tonight’s news I saw a clip of Donald Trump saying he was a very bright man who had been to the best schools. If this is true, the best schools may soon be rewriting their prospectuses. Or should that be prospecti?

Trump’s isolationism puzzles me. It’s like the Brexiteers whose vision sounds like a constant slo-mo of us running through fields of spring flowers with butterflies and blue skies. It’s a Disneyesque vision of happiness and success. Those who vote for Trump or Brexit may well feel betrayed when reality turns out not to be a place where sprinkling fairy dust make every thing perfect.


12 thoughts on “Spring Unsprung

  1. “slo-mo of us running through fields of spring flowers with butterflies and blue skies.” I am laughing.
    I am confused by the Brexit notion that Things were actually better before the UK joined the EU.

    Mr Trump is now a fully fledged politician and will say whatever is necessary to appeal to his constituents. I am looking forward to the election cycle. It may be the first one in years where the divisions between our parties are the most stark and the stakes really will be, as the presenters on the television constantly remind us, very high.

    I can understand why the rest of the world has a bit of jippy tummy about the prospect.

    • If Trump is elected I get the impression that the drawbridges will be raised. It reminds me slightly of the Soviet Block; with the threat of a corrupting exterior becoming the major bogeyman.

  2. Ha! I voted for that woman that first time too, for the same reason. I went to a ‘question time’ with five local councillors recently, what a joke they were. I have no idea what I’ll do next Thursday.

    • You voted for her? Or you voted for the first time? I voted for the first time, but not for the Conservatives. I have decided for whom I shall be voting next Thursday. Unsurprisingly it won’t be Zac Goldsmith!

  3. I think thoughtful voting is really very necessary nowadays as the resulting prospects will affect us all for long. Which is the world and life we are looking forward to?

    • For so long we have been seduced with soundbites and clever slogans, the elctorate has been encouraged not to think, but to vote for the slickest, glossiest candidate. It will take a great deal to achoieve an educated, informed electorate.

  4. being neither British nor American, i probably shouldn’t say anything – but imnasho, Trump’s popularity is as scary as it is incredible. how did he get such a following? i must say, i haven’t followed British politics much, so i can’t say anything at all there. but here’s wishing everyone the very best possible election results. or is that a Canadian cop-out?
    but seriously – could you imagine a Trump-led government? it boggles the mind that this was looking very possible not too long ago….

    • Imnasho? In my not a…s… Humble opinion?
      I don’t think it matters where you live. In fact, the way the world is so interconnected means we are, to use a weary phrase, global citizens. Trump’s progress affects all of us, just as the felling of rain forests affects all of us.
      Trump appals me, and he appals me more as he gathers support. Is he really the looking glass of swathes of the US electorate?
      I feel he revels in being the *villain* as regards the opinion of the world outside the US, the rest of the world ranks very low in his priorities, other than to exclude or see as subservient. Therefore, think it matters as much to every one of us to be aware of him. I for one would not visit the US if he became President.

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