Looking to the Future

I am quite touched by the concern for my wellbeing expressed in the comments to last night’s post. Thinking about it today, I realise I have not had an extended break from town for a long time. I had planned to go to Crete in November, but that was cancelled and I ended up with my new and lovely kitchen. So I am wondering if my feeling on return to the Smoke was simply a realisation that I need to be away for a while.

After all, I love what London offers. I love the theatre the museums, the diversity. When I am in the country for extended periods I am often appalled by people’s expressed opinions on all manner of things. I live in a liberal (small l) world here in London; in the country I regularly encounter people who not only read the Daily Mail but believe what it says. I shouldn’t last a month.



So I think Julia got it right; to have a mix, a balanced mix is what is important. And this last year my mix has not been sufficiently balanced. That isn’t to say that part of me doesn’t yearn to move back to the country; I think if you have grown up among green fields and open countryside it will always exert a pull. But not a sufficent pull to commute on crowded trains and have the working day extended by hours of travel. I tried that once and was exhausted. It wasn’t just the time involved, it was the whole package. If the traffic is bad now I am sufficiently central to walk to my work.

Making time to be out of town, whether that means economising so I can keep das Boot now I don’t have Mother or Aunt, or heading out for country walks, I don’t know, But recognising that it is an significant, no more than significant, essential, part of my life, is an important step.

I emailed Cousin tonight and said I should like to visit her in July. She’s only now back from a month in Australia where her youngest has just got married.

Of course my own trip to Oz is now less than six months away. My friend Vicki emailed me to ask what plans I have, and really I don’t yet have any. So that is something else to think about and look forward to. I should love to meet up with Aleysha and her cats of The Scroobious Pip, but she has gone off the radar, so how possible that is I don’t know.

Maybe one day I shall leave London. Maybe I shan’t. But whatever I do, I know that both city and country have shaped me and I am lucky to experience both.


4 thoughts on “Looking to the Future

  1. Glad we have that clarified. I was in a quandary about the previous post – you have a room of your own in town and a boat of your own in the country – where’s the conflict?

    Unless whether to keep Das Boot a subtext to these musings?

  2. Glad you feel a bit more sorted Isobel…you are so right about the Daily Mail readership shaping the views of many country dwellers…it is worrying! Start to plan your next short trip to the boat…

  3. Writing what you are feeling helps to see things… sort it out. There are always choices that will work hopefully. We lived in the city for 10 years and commuted to our boat and place at The Lake of the Ozarks. It was a 2 and a half hour drive one way. We left after work on Friday night and left on Sunday to be home before dark. It got old and we did it every weekend. But we loved the water, and being on the boat, and family was there. We finally left St. Louis and made The Lake our home. Lasted only 4 years because there was no peace and quiet. It is a tourist destination and tourists party. I like the idea of das Boot in the country and your home in London.

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