Back to BoJo and Trump

I am not the biggest fan of the Evening Standard. It’s a free rag that belongs to the same stable as The Daily Mail, that exemplar of spleen.

However, I picked up a copy tonight at the bus stop outside Waterloo station, returning from a day in the country. It was work rather than pleasure, but very enjoyable to be in Wiltshire.

The ES is not a demanding read, or at least only in the sense that one usually struggles to find anything worth reading. It is the perfect fit for the litter tray, and I use it on das Boot all the time. Tonight though, as I flicked through the pages I found this picture.

So yes, I’m back to BoJo and Trump, two politicians with so much in common, not least the attraction they have for otherwise sensible people. An American lady I met last week told me how much she liked BoJo. She also told me she disliked the new tall structures of glass and steel that are springing up across London. That’ll be Boris, I said. Her eyes widened. He has overruled local authorities fourteen times and given planning permission for very tall buildings, some in quite sensitive areas I explained. She leant forward and listened. This was obviously not the tousle-haired, lovable Boris of her imagination. Developers and that magazine no home should be without, Skyscraper News, love him. Read it if you don’t believe me. The man has done immense damage to London, and bar the cycle super highway, little good. Even the so-called Boris Bikes were a Ken initiative. Ah, Ken, another politician whose ego has destroyed him. He was a great Leader of the GLC, and for that I shall always have a residual affection for him, but he was a much less great mayor.

A couple of weeks ago the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland wrote a piece which made me laugh and despair in equal measure. I have already promised a link to a fellow blogger over at Outwards Hounds, and I am sure Pat will enjoy it too, grinding her teeth all the while perhaps. Incidentally, does to trump mean the same in the US as it does here? Just a happy coincidence perhaps.

At the weekend George Osborne almost made me consider voting to leave the EU. Bremain and Brexit appear to be competing to paint ghastly pictures of the future if we vote against their side. But George, whose family is not short of a bob or two, decided to warn us that prices of London homes would fall and investors would find London property less appealing. Well, both those outcomes sound vastly attractive to me. London property prices are absurd. Developers building for foreign investors who find the bricks and mortar of this great city a safer place to stash their dosh than the bank, are destroying London. Ordinary people doing vital jobs are being priced out of both the rental and to buy markets. Then the Brexiteers responded by saying this was nonsense; foreign investors will still want to buy, and property prices will stay high. So my very brief flirtation with Brexit was over.

Although I am in the Bremain camp, I find much of their message repulsive. Tonight we were warned that the cost of travel to Europe would increase if we leave. Is that what it comes down to? Is that the most important issue at stake here – holidays on the costas? The politicians are infantilising the electorate. Boris’ lies about square strawberries, straight bananas, and the popular but inaccurate view that we are ruled by an uncaring bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels are left unrefuted. Honestly, we’ll get the result we deserve if this goes on.

Europe protects us through its laws, through security, and financially. The next time some bloody Brexiteer says we survived two World Wars and that is their reason for voting leave I may scream. It’s seventy years since the second of those world wars, a century since the first. The world has changed.

I warned you there was a rant due Celia.

8 thoughts on “Back to BoJo and Trump

  1. You made my day. It is 18.00 and I am still feeling agitated about what I heard about Trump on the early morning news. Your link made me giggle and I will remember it every time I hear him. Trump just trumped through his mouth. In the U.S. the only other use of the word trump is in playing cards.

  2. We only have plague & pestilence to go & then they will have thrown all the horrors there are on us. I think the EU campaign has done huge damage to our view of politics in general. I’m cross that they should play out a spat between the factions of the Tory party them in public. It is likely to result in a low vote which is not good.
    As for Trump – – — —- moving on!

    • Did you read the Jonathan Freedland piece Julia? I think it is excellent comment on the political situation at the moment. People believe what they want to believe. Both Trump and Boris have been shown time and time again to be liars, but they have garnered a support that wants to believe in them, that laughs at these peccadillos as though they are meaningless, rather than an indication of the ruthlessness of individuals entirely lacking probity.

  3. Now that all political discourse seems to be a variant of lies, damn lies and spurious statistics, I really must retreat into a dark quiet place until it is all over.

    Funny thing about the slang use of “trump.” Most wags hereabout think it is a brilliant coinage on the part of the Brits and wish we had thought of it first.

    Personally, I am vowed to not discuss the state of our electoral cycle until sometime in early December. I am already exhausted by the make-believe on the part of the candidates and on the news media. Hope you can conserve your own sanity until 23 June.

    • According to my Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, this usage dates from the early C19, so look hard enough and you may find it was picked up by someone your side of the pond too.

      As for the man himself, he depressed me enormously today with his comments re drilling for fuel and his denial of climate crisis.

      If the referendum weren’t a serious topic, the antics and ridiculousness of politicians of all colours would be funny.

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